Arena Renovation: First Job – PC Preview

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The Polish development team at Nesalis Games, who created Safari Park Ranger, has been working on their new game Arena Renovation: First Job. A simulation game that will have you give stadiums and sports centres new life. Publishers PlayWay S.A. and FreeMind S.A. helped them make this possible. Pick this up when it releases for early access on March 27th this year.

Go team Renovation!

I jumped at the chance to check out the Arena Renovation: First Job prologue. What caught my eye with this game, is fixing up old stadiums and being a caretaker to them. The pressure washer looked fun to use and levelling up your character to improve your stats made it more eye catching.

A room filled with junk, a long bench highlighted with a yellow outline is surrounded by broken tiles and empty boxes.
Let’s get to work.


The areas I got to fix and decorate were; the locker room, utility room, and sports area. Each room requires you to smash up the junk, remove it, and then place it into a dumpster. Extra money is earned by emptying the dumpster or selling items using the selling device. Once cleaned up, the trowel will be needed to re-plaster walls and fix holes left behind. Clean the graffiti off the walls with the pressure washer.

HUD with checkboxes for the room in the bottom left, tutorial is above check-list. hand holding a power washer whilst cleaning graffiti off a wall.
The power washer is fun.

Once the room is spick-an-span, select the paintbrush from the tool wheel and start painting. When levelling up, the player earns skill points they can use to get perks that help remove trash faster. Special Points gained from levelling up allow players to choose items they want to be unlocked, like more chair options instead of the stock ones. Pressing the B key on the keyboard will activate a scanner that will help the player by highlighting walls they may have missed re-plastering or a stain that needs power washing.

A tablet displaying a selection of furniture locked behind purple frames, left side shows various tabs.
A nice selection of items.

All rooms have a checklist; of renovation, cleanliness, and furnishing checkboxes before the area’s finished. Items have a box explaining if it goes into the room player is trying to decorate, making the furnishing bar fill more quickly. Use the tablet to buy furniture, featuring a search bar that helps find specific items for the player, making things easier to locate instead of navigating each tab. Levels have a progression bar, with each milestone rewarding players with skill points and cash.

Graphics & Audio

The vibrant colours in Arena Renovation: First Job give rooms a great visual, and details on wall cracks and smashed furniture look good. While using a trowel or hammer to destroy junk, the animation looked smooth. There was no stuttering when destroying benches. Background music is absent unless looking at the tablet. Instead, you get a funky theme similar to The Sims buy mode. 


Arena Renovation’s Demo is an hour long, giving all three rooms roughly twenty minutes to finish. Judging by games similar to this one, like House Flipper or Hotel Renovator, you will most likely return to previous areas to change the furniture or add newly unlocked ones.

Clear view of a fully renovated room with blue and white walls, two ping pong tables can be seen in the centre.
I like the simplicity.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed my time with Arena Renovation: First Job. and look forward to seeing what content they plan to add over the course of its early access. Using the hammer to smash objects was fun. Removing rubbish and taking it to a dumpster was a neat detail to add since most simulators don’t have this. Performance was smooth and I never had any frame rate issues or bugs.
Adding more literal tools like hammers and saws for decorative purposes to the items menu would be a neat addition. I felt lost when trying to decorate the utility room.


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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