ProTubeVR MagTube Quest 2 Review

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ProTubeVR is known for its extensive range of accessories to compliment your VR setup. From grips to sabres there is something for everyone who is looking to enhance their VR experience.

Lock And Load!

The team over at ProTubeVR kindly sent us their MagTube for the Quest 2 to take for a test run. To find out just how I get on and just what it can offer the avid VR gamer, keep reading.


The Magtube is a gunstock and probably their most known. It comes in one hardware design, however, you can customise the said design to your liking. The Magtube is made up of a shoulder/cheek rest, two grips for your hand controllers and these are connected via sturdy tubing.

Assume the position!

The shoulder rest, controller cups and tubing can be customised using a set of options on the ProTubeVR website. The tubing comes in either carbon fibre or chrome, both look stunning, however, I did go for the carbon fibre myself. I have to say the finish on it is fantastic and really adds to the aesthetics of the stock. The next thing you can change is the colour of the cups for the controllers. I again went for black for a stealthy looking gunstock. However, there is linen, red, white and grey available to choose from as well.


When it comes to features it does what it says on the tin. It provides you with a stabiliser for your shooting titles. It brings with it better performance, so you do not miss placing your controllers. Thus, providing a better experience all around.

The tubing can be set to different shapes as well, enabling comfort for anyone using the device or even if you wanted a slightly different shape to play with.

Fold up and away you go

You can also add extra features to your setup or ship it as is. For starters you can add a sling, I highly recommend this as it does make VR gaming with the MagTube a lot more enjoyable and easier to control. The next addition is the BiPod which essentially enables you to mount your stock and is great for adding sturdiness. Last but not least you can also add the ForceTube module which provides you with feedback. I am yet to get my hands on this but from what we have heard it is a great bit of kit.

Final Thoughts

I have been an advocate of VR since the early days. Over this past couple of years, we have seen more and more accessories come to market to not only improve VR gaming. But, to enhance the whole experience and bring the game to life. I can safely say that the ProTubeVR MagTube does exactly this.  I think it goes without saying, I award the ProTubeVR MagTube a Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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One thought on “ProTubeVR MagTube Quest 2 Review

  1. The arms keep moving around when I aim. The right controllers placement doesn’t adjust, when I put my controller in there it hits my face when I aim because I CAN’T ADJUST IT. I also paid for the prostarps grips and I have a quest 2 so instead of what it shows what I should get I get something that is not like it. The stock will have no support at all, keeps sliding and I can’t even see my attachment on my gun because when I do adjust the stock the arms move and it’s very annoying.
    Overall rating 4/10

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