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Penny’s Big Breakaway is an Adventure 3D Platformer developed by Evening Star. Being their first released game, I’d say they brought a wrecking ball into the gaming industry. The attention to detail for each world, to the many ways you can either succeed or fail with your handling of the yo-yo.

Around the world – Penny’s Big Breakaway

Penny and her magic yo-yo are pulling moves that not only defy science, but the universe itself…I’ll get it a popsicle later. Now let’s walk the dog and see the beauty that is the giant stage Penny has gotten herself into.


The game stars Penny, a street performer who wants to make it big and become a star. Penny hears about Eddie the Emperor looking for a new Palace Court Performer and jumps at the chance to win. On her way to the castle, Penny comes across a Cosmic String that turns her yo-yo to come to life. Penny cuts the huge line to get her shot and actually seems like she might have won. But, her yo-yo creates chaos in the court and makes Penny a fugitive.

Penny’s Big Breakaway has you using your yo-yo for literally everything. The yo-yo is Penny’s way of attack, way of defense and way of traveling around the entire world. Having to watch out for Eddie the Emperor’s penguin army is both fun and panic inducing in the beginning. What has me more invested in the world is the different ways you can finish each area. This game has become a speed-runners’ paradise thanks to the tricks you can do with the yo-yo during the run.

Don’t Gotta Go Fast

Each area is timed, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush your way to the end, instead just explore and collect what you need. Each area has three NPCs that need help with things like destroying certain objects or delivering an item to someone else on the map. There’s also three giant honeycombs like objects to collect in each area that can be used to unlock starglobes. Yet, that’s not all you can pocket in the world.

There’s even these gold coins you collect around the map that can be used at the bonus shop to spice up your run. But, I’ll finish the gameplay with how each area ends. Penny will have to land on one of three tier platforms. Which each represents the amount of QTEs she’ll need to do for the audience to earn more points. The whole performance will end if the order is messed up or time runs out.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics of this game gives the vibes of Sonic 3D and Sonic Mania with its bright and popping colors. There wasn’t a moment when my eyes weren’t attracted to something around while reaching the tier platform. I see the love and the attention put into the creation of each world Penny visits and their unique level mechanics. Even the power ups are both creative and makes me want a yo-yo like that. There are several questions I have for Evening Star when it comes to their audio.


The music is completely on par with how the color is shown in this game and it’s popping. The energetic pop OST and the “dance in your seat” beats when facing bosses are phenomenal. Here’s the question though, what was used for not only the yo-yo’s SFX, but the penguins as well?! It sounds so familiar but I just can’t put my finger on it.


There are actually hours of life in this game because of two reasons, wanting to 100% it and speed-running. Evening Star really planned out fun rewards for players to get the high score in each zone. Understanding the zones and the yo-yo’s full capabilities will make revisiting them to see who can finish faster for years to come. Almost forgot about Time Attack. Time Attack is where you are against the clock and try to finish each zone.

Though I can’t tell if it’s the developers’ time we’re trying to beat or something done by their tester. Now, if it’s the former, then bravo to you Evening Star.

Final Thoughts

Playing Penny’s Big Breakaway washed me over with a wave of nostalgia that Sonic Mania was already supplying. There are some tricky moments everyone needs to be careful when playing on the controller and that is your right thumbstick. I’ve died several times because my thumb flicks the thumbstick and the yo-yo does a trick that kills my jump. I’ve given my thumb a Homer style strangling for its betrayal.

I delightfully bestow the Thumb Culture Platinum Award upon this gem of a game.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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