Out Of Line Now Available On Nintendo Switch

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Award-Winning game, Out of Line, has launched today in Europe. North America will see the game release on August 18th. The developers, Nerd Monkeys and publishers Hatinh Interactive are pleased with this release following on from its success on PC.

This game has taken inspiration from Studio Ghibli and also modern philosophy, after watching the game launch trailer it’s quite easy to see this.

Players can journey through illustrated setpieces one after the other, assisting protagonist San in his search for identity. You’ll discover the true value of freedom whilst playing Out of Line.

Lead artist of Nerd Monkeys, Francisco Santos, has said the below about Out of Line.

“Out of Line is an intelligent and poetic quest for identity told through a collection of interactive masterpieces,”

“It pushes artistic innovation beyond pixels, inviting players to relax and reflect as they guide San toward liberty.”

Some key features of Out of Line:

  • Dozens of visually impressive puzzles for you to enjoy
  • Take the spear and master its mechanics
  • Hand-drawn environments for the player to interact with
  • Learn from the games’ extraordinary characters
  • Uncover San’s mysterious story

Will you join the unique adventure in this children’s book brought to life? Take a look at the PC launch trailer below, let us know in the comments if you’re going to grab this one on the Switch!

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