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As per our news article recently you will have probably heard in the games vine that Microsoft released their new Xbox service today Xbox All Access.

What is Xbox All Access?

Xbox All Access is a contracted gaming service that Microsoft launched today (5th November 2019). It is a new service whereby Microsoft is making consoles more accessible. They are doing this by offering a service that binds you into a two-year contract whereby you spread the cost of the console and the services. Xbox All Access is new to the UK, however not to the US. In 2018 Microsoft trialed its newly released service in America.

The basis of the service is that you chose the Xbox console you are on the market for and depending upon the chosen console depends on the monthly fee. Obviously, the higher specification of the console is the more you will be paying. Not only do you receive the console under this fee but you also received an Ultimate Xbox Game Pass, Prices can be seen on the below image.

Xbox All Access

For those who are interested in next-gen, if you opt for the Xbox One X you can actually claim and early upgrade in a year’s time to the console we know as Project Scarlett. If you chose this upgrade its possible that the monthly payments may change and by agreeing to the upgrade you are also signing up to a new two-year contract.

Xbox All Access is similar to how we purchase mobile phone contracts, at the end you then own the console or as stated above you can also upgrade.

Xbox All Access

Costs Comparision

Now I know one thing you will all want to know is how does signing up for Xbox All Access compare to going to your local retailer and buying the same products and services off the shelf. Well, we have done the work for you and to be honest All Access looks pretty good!

PLEASE NOTE: The below costings are based on figures provided from Microsoft’s Online Store and is based on a 24 months subscription)

Xbox line up

Xbox One S Digital

For the entry-level Xbox One S Digital, All Access will cost you a total of £431.76. If you wanted to buy what this service provides you off the shelf you are looking at a total cost of £463.75. This gives you a £31.99 saving if you go with All Access.

Xbox One S

For the mid-level Xbox One S, All Access will cost you a total of £479.76. If you wanted to buy what this service provides you off the shelf you are looking at a total cost of £513.75. This gives you a £33.99 saving if you go with All Access, again not a bad saving if you don’t mind having a subscription console.

Xbox One X

For the highest specification Xbox has to offer obviously this will come with the highest cost, however looking at All Access it will cost you £599.76. This does seem like a lot of money however if you were to purchase the exact same set up over 24 months from the Microsoft Store if would cost you £713.75. By taking up the new service Microsoft have to offer you are making a saving of £113.99.



Overall, I think it’s safe to say that if you are looking to invest in an Xbox then this is a great option for you. Especially if you are looking to commit for 2 years. It’s also a great incentive to get gamers to switch onto the Xbox platform. It feels like Microsoft is really pushing to make Xbox a service platform rather than a console-based product, which to be honest is not a bad move. It has the potential to pull Xbox and PC gamers together under one platform.

However, if you are a casual gamer that picks up to play a game every now and again this is probably not the best way to get a console. I say this as when you opt for All Access you are also paying for the Ultimate Game Pass. If this is you then pre-owned if probably your best option for access to cheap gaming.

Services like this could become popular depending on the uptake of course. However, what will this mean for the gaming industry when it comes to products like Google Stadia? We would love to know your thoughts on this, please leave a comment below.

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