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Gaming chairs have been around for a long time and there are a LOT of names that produce them. One name, however, that stands above the rest of noblechairs. With their release of the noblechairs Hero TX they have released a fabric chair to rival the rest.

It’s noblechairs, not Noble Chairs, or Noblechairs

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If you have never taken a look at the noblechairs line up of rear end rest devices then you really should take a minute and go check them out. I will wait for you…

Welcome back, the chairs at noblechairs are beautiful and they were awesome enough to send us through one of the latest Hero TX chairs and boy oh boy its a treat for your seat.

That logo equals quality.

The Hero TX has the standard 4D arm rests that noblechairs put on across their range, giving full range of motion to get them in the most comfortable range. Along with an adjustable lumbar support, recline action as well as the standard up and down on a hydraulic ram. Once you have this chair setup just right you will wince every time someone else sits down in it….trust me. The foam throughout the chair differs, in the headrest you have memory foam and in the base you have cold foam. This cold foam enables the chair to breath whilst enabling it to retain shape. This adds to the durability not only the comfort of a chair.

In the box you also receive two cushions, on is for extra back/lumbar support and the other is a headrest. However, these do not need to be used, my advice would be only use them if they provide you more support and take them for a test run. Again, as briefly mentioned above you will be setting up your chair for you what I find comfortable you might not.


Design-wise, it’s hard to look past the Hero TX and its anthracite fabric covering the entire seat. Add to that the nice firm padding giving you a more ergonomic sitting position and holding you in place. Its a tragic misconception that you need a soft seat to be comfortable. This one is just trump for the rump. In my day job I can sometimes sit on the computer all day, and then add to that the Thumb Culture time in the evening. The anthracite fabric has been developed  for its durability and breathability. Meaning, I am yet to stand up and not feel fresh enough to even walk to the shop.

That Stitching is *chefskiss*

Obviously it wouldn’t be a noblechairs chair without the little extra touches. On the headrest there is an embroidered logo in grey, this blends in with the fabric and looks extremely sleek. There is no flashy embroidery on this chair, however the stitching has been done to seamlessly flow with colour way.

Final Thoughts

When reviewing chairs there is alot to consider but only so much you can write. Everyone is different when it comes to chairs and everyone finds different ones more comfortable other another. However, It is no secret that Germany has some of the best and durable designs in the world, from cars and seemingly this extends to chairs as well. I guess all that’s left is to basically say thank you, thank you noblechairs for creating what could quite possibly be the finest present my rear could have ever been gifted. I award the noblechairs Hero TX a Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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2 thoughts on “noblechairs Hero TX Review

  1. Hi. Is the fabric is water repellent or if i splash some water on it it will instantly absorb? Is the texture of fabric feel and look durable? Is the fabric easily get stain on it?
    I am choosing between this one and pu hybrid leather black edition. I living in warm country and I concerned about breathability, comfortable and durability of hybrid leather. I worry it could crack after using for a few year. Thanks.
    Nice review though.

    1. Hey thanks for the comment.

      So the fabric seems to be water resistant, although I’m super careful when having any food or drinks nearby. The fabric however is super breathable and I would imagine you would be fine either going with fabric or the PU Hybrid material

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