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Daedalic Entertainment has revealed a new Reveil trailer during Fear Fest 2023.

New Reveil Trailer – Psychological Horror Awaits

Reveil is a narrative first-person psychological-thriller game that focuses on story, puzzles, and exploration. Find out what’s going on inside Walter Thompson and what his dark past at the Nelson Bros Circus has to do with it.

Developed by German-based indie developer Pixelsplit who has launched several distinctive titles like Deadly Days and Indoorlands. Their latest game, Reveil, continues their pursuit of crafting unique and engaging gaming experiences.

Versatile, handcrafted puzzles, unanswered questions, captivating clues, and a disturbing psyche demand a lot from both the player and the protagonist, Walter Thompson. Can you manage to make sense of it all? Should you persevere, there is a chance to find answers to your questions.

The music in the stylish new Reveil trailer, which you can check out below, has Death Stranding vibes to it and it left me looking forward to seeing more from this one soon.

The planned release is currently set for 2023.

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