Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 for PS4

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It seems that there is another toy coming on the market soon for your PS4!  BigBen Interactive has announced that the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3, made specifically for eSports, will be available this month.

“With this new Revolution, Nacon is a taking up a significative challenge: to offer the most comprehensive range of officially licensed controllers currently available on the market” declares Yannick Allaert, Head of Development at Nacon. “The confidence that Sony Interactive Entertainment keeps placing in us is a true honour, allowing us to meet the needs of competitive gamers on PS4”.

So what sets this controller apart from the others?

Equipped with a 3-meter detachable cable, gamers will enjoy the Revolution’s signature ergonomics, including an asymmetrical layout of the sticks, enlarged actions buttons, shoulder buttons and triggers, and two weight compartments for a customisable experience.

As a member of the Revolution premium family of controllers, the Revolution Pro Controller 3 also includes PC companion software* for the creation of tailor-made game profiles: full button mapping, sticks and triggers sensitivity, vibration motors and much more, making the Revolution Pro Controller 3 Nacon’s ultimate wired controller designed for competitive PS4™ gamers.


Here is a full list of features!

Wired connection via USB-C cable (3m length)
Touch pad
4 shortcut buttons (S1/S2/S3/S4)
Dual customisable sticks with 46° amplitude
4* or 8-way directional pad
3.5mm headset jack for audio and chat
LED player status indicator
2x customisable* vibration motors
Internal weight compartments and 6 additional weights included (2x10g, 2x14g, 2x16g)
Textured finish to the controller’s casing
Hard storage case included
Compatible with PC games in PC Advanced Mode**
**PC Advanced mode not tested nor endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

More cool gadgets and features…

Game mode selection button (1-PS4™ / 2-PS4™ Advanced / 3-PC Advanced**)
Profile selection button (4x PS4™ and 4x PC** profiles stored in the controller)

Button mapping and shortcuts customisation
Adjust the response curve of each stick
Adjust the sensitivity and dead-band of each trigger
Independently adjust the vibration motors intensity
Change the right stick light for a custom look
Live testing area

One thing to note is that there is not a light bar or a speaker on the Revolution Pro Controller 3.
The RRP is for the Revolution Pro Controller 3 is reported to be between €99.90 and €109.90, for us Brits that could be either significantly higher or lower in Pounds Sterling by the end of October.  If we can get one to play with we will let you know what we think!

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