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My Little Blood Cult by Dillo Interactive. This game will have the player fishing for Monsters, spirits and ancient demons. The game will be released in early access on Steam on December 14th this year. 

Our blood is our bait, the hook, our faith!

You will be fishing for various monstrosities to add to your collection. Sacrifice your devoted followers for sanguine bait in hopes of adding more demonic entities to the cabinet in My Little Blood Cult: Let’s Summon Demons.

This I s the main room where the player will send down the large blood vial into the abyss. The cultists all look happy and are jumping around in joy.
Where the magic happens.


The fishing controls in My Little Blood Cult are easy once you’ve learned them. A bar will appear with a red box and a small red slider. The player must move the red box over the slider to ensure that whatever they’ve wrangled doesn’t get away. You will know when the prey gets away by the pentagram above the bar having a red circle. If you fail to catch the demon, you’ll have to wait out a timer until the Leader is released, or you can pay gold to free them.

Though it's hard to see, a black spirit orb has latched on my hook and I'm currently doing the mini game in hopes of catching it. The area is surrounded by other black orbs with various amounts of eyes.
The symbol that appears also needs to be clicked on before a creature is caught.

Before you attempt to try and catch anything, the player will need to have some Blood Vials. The Blood Vials are obtainable by sacrificing your Followers. To kill Followers, you can either wait out an in-game timer or pay with gold earned through fishing.  

Different Rooms

There are several rooms for the player to explore in My Little Blood Cult. The Bait & Tackle shop is where you are able to purchase equipment, while the library is for displaying the various catches you’ve made. You can sell anything you have caught at the shop or purchase new grimoires that’ll allow you to uncover more abominations.

The "Human Resources" room is where the player will get the Blood Vials they need to summon a demon.
We need blood for my hobby!

Since Blood Vials are needed before they can fish, they can go to the comically named Human Resources department to offer up their follower’s lives.

Graphics & Audio

The simplistic character designs in My Little Blood Cult are decent, especially since the higher cult members like the Shopkeeper or Smithy get their own unique skulls. The monsters you collect look great, but none, I’d say, are my favourite. Overall, the art style of My Little Blood Cult gives me Salt & Sanctuary vibes when playing.

This is one of the creatures I've caught and is being displayed in the library. Below is how many I have the names and a brief text describing it.
The main thing I seem to catch.


The longevity of My Little Blood Cult depends on whether the player wants to collect everything or how patient they are with timers. You have to wait for various timers to finish, such as followers offering blood so you can fish more or the Cult Leader to become unpossessed. There are daily challenges available to anyone looking to have further reasons to play but this doesn’t appeal to me.

Final Thoughts

The game is fun to some extent, but I wouldn’t overly rush to buy it. The gameplay became boring quite quickly, and I’d only been playing for roughly an hour and felt fed up with it. My frustration was mainly due to the in-game timers on the blood vials and how slow the fishing was.

I disliked that, to begin with, the player has a large sum of gold. I spent it all on the best rods and reels. It felt like I didn’t need to work towards anything apart from the collection.

The fishing controls take some getting used to and are awkward. It took me nearly half an hour to figure out because the text for the fishing tutorial was blank. I had a lot of times when My Little Blood Cult would freeze when trying to summon a demon, which got annoying since it required me to reboot the game.

Overall, I wouldn’t rush to pick up My Little Blood Cult, and there are way better games out there, such as Dredge. This is why I’m giving it the Thumb Culture Bronze Award.

With the mention of Dredge, check out Tony’s thoughts on it for the PS5.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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