Mushroom Wars 2 Coming On January 13th

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Mushroom Wars 2 is back with a vengeance in the New Year. The addictively fun RTS game is coming to Xbox and Playstation on January 13th, 2022.

Get Your Fungi Fight On In Mushroom Wars 2

From developers Zillion Whales, Mushroom Wars 2 is a dynamic real-time strategy game as a follow up to the original Mushroom War for PS3.  Fans can look forward to returning to the frontlines with a revamped UI as well as crazy mushroom cap combat. It’s had a visual overhaul for the current console generation and has intuitive controls to make your large armies easy to manage.

As a sequel to the original game, Mushroom Wars 2 introduces reimagined single-player campaigns alongside hero characters. Additionally, the game introduces a range of cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for up to four players, including 2v2.

Mushroom Wars 2
Choose your favourite fungi

Who Will Be Your Hero?

The game features twelve unique heroes belonging to one of four mushroom tribes. You get your pick of the bunch to help you command and conquer over 80 multiplayer maps, both locally and online. the game’s story campaigns span 100 levels, so there’s plenty to do if multiplayer isn’t your thing.

Pre-orders are now available on Xbox, and the game launches on both consoles on January 13th. You can check out the trailer here.

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