Morphcat Games Collection 1 Coming to Evercade

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Blaze Entertainment is happy to announce a partnership with Morphcat Games to bring even more great indie titles to Evercade systems.

The Retro Just Keeps Coming

Morphcat Games Collection 1 brings three great games from the German-based 8-bit development team, including their massive local multiplayer hit, Micro Mages. As part of the collection, two bonus games from Morphcat Games are also included, featuring the brand new expansion game, Micro Mages Second Quest, which sees its first physical release on Evercade.

The titles are:

  • Micro Mages
  • Spacegulls
  • Böbl

Bonus titles:

  • Super Bat Puncher Demo
  • Micro Mages Second Quest

Morphcat Games’ standout hit, Micro Mages is now an infamous title, not just because of its incredible 4-player local co-op play, but also their open approach to the development process. The studio has talked at length about the challenges in developing a new modern game for original hardware in just 40kb.

Their intention was to create a game designed today, but with the same limitations as developers in the 1980s, writing the game in 6502 ASM coding language. And Micro Mages was the result.

Homebrew Is Here

That means that the game is not only a great 8-bit game but one that would have been playable like any other back in the 1980s.

Alongside this, Spacegulls is an enjoyable platformer that is often used for speedrunning competitions and was recently featured in Games Done Quick’s charity event. Bobl is a fun platformer that challenges players’ skills in negotiating tricky passages through the water whilst trying not to burst.

Alongside the three main games are two bonus titles. The long-loved Super Bat Puncher Demo is here in all of its demo glory, and the aforementioned first publication of the expanded Micro Mages Second Quest.

“We are happy to see Morpchat Games Collection 1 coming to Evercade,” said Nicolas Bétoux of Morphcat games. “This is so nice to know that players will discover our games and we hope they will have a great time, especially with the Multiplayer mode on the new Evercade VS console!”

Release Dates

Morphcat Games Collection 1 will be available from May 31st, 2022, and will be cartridge number 25. Pre-orders for this collection will open on March 31st, 2022. Morphcat Games Collection 1 Coming to Evercade.

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