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Several announcements came last night from Modus Games at PC Gaming Show. There were new updates, teasers and trailers revealed for old favourites.

Get Off Your Horse And Drink Your Milk

Together with developer Mane6, Modus Games at PC Gaming Show revealed that the 3.0 update for beloved indie fighting game Them’s Fightin’ Herds is available right now on Steam. This just-launched update adds new Level 3 super attacks for the full playable roster, as well as balancing changes and improvements. Starting today the playable DLC character Shanty is available for free.

The PC Gaming Show’s Steam landing page has full details of all the announcements.

Never Enough Fighting Animals

Additionally, Modus announced the next season of Super Animal Royale will launch on June 28th. In a sneaky first, peek at Season 4’s additions, an oversized star-nosed mole tunnels it’s way into the fight, adding a dash of MOBA-style havoc to the game. For new players to the game Super Animal Royale does just what it says. A battle Royale with super animals. Season 4 is burrowing to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, bringing new content to the game’s community of 7 million players.

Sisters Saving The World

Finally, a release date was announced for Soulstice, the exhilarating character action game from Reply Game Studios. Following two sisters fighting to protect humankind from an other-worldly force from beyond the Veil. Coming on 20th September 2022. An invitation to register on the game’s website for early PC demo access was also revealed. Through a new cinematic trailer highlighting the sisters’ bond and some of the fiendish challenges, the two will face along their journey through the city of Ilden.

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