Meetion MK80 Ultrathin Mechanical Keyboard Review

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MeetionUK, are a group of gamers that brought the Meetion brand to the UK market. MeetionUK has brought you quality peripherals without the need to break your bank. They currently have a small range of keyboards, mice, and RGB mouse mats available on their website. And with a ton of offers always on via partnerships, you can usually grab yourself a bargain.

Meetion MK80 – A lightweight keyboard that packs a heavyweight punch

I will be the first to admit, I always stick to names I recognise. Since building my PC I have come across so many brands that have really made me think twice about how I am spending my money. This is the first time I am personally trying out a MeetionUK product and I am extremely curious to see how it pans out.


This is something that you don’t normally get when you go for cheaper mechanical keyboards. The design element is usually a plain matt black plastic finish with nothing interesting happening in relation to the keyboard chassis. However, with the Meetion MK80, you have a super sleek brushed metal surface. Not only does the surface look great, but it is also extremely durable.

When it comes to the keycaps Meetion has also done something a little different. For example, the arrow keycaps show only what I can describe as what looks like a barbed arrow on them. Then on the windows keycap, there is a cutout of the Meetion logo. Little elements like this on a keyboard can really give your set-up a little detail boost.

On top of the above design features the keyboard has RGB lighting, which we all know increases your gaming skills by +2. Inbuilt into the keyboard is a great selection of preset RGB lighting profiles. By simply pressing FN+DEL+INS you can scroll through the selection available to find one that suits you.


Let’s start a the top of the keyboard, if you are a fan of shortcut/function keys then you have 12 different function keys available. These are located as a secondary for the F keys. The functions available on these are all multimedia-related, you have everything from volume keys to skip track and more. These keys have cut-out icons below the F text which represents each of the functions available. Each one is also backlit by the RGB on the keyboard.

Looking at the keycaps they are “chocolate style”. This refers to the sleek, thin, and flat keycaps that form the keyboard. Very similar to those used within laptops and many of the Apple products on the market today. The keyboard is also fitted with anti-ghosting technology which is invaluable to gamers as you want to ensure every keystroke made is replicated even if pressed simultaneously with other keys. When looking into the mechanical aspect of the Meetion MK80, the switches that this keyboard has are the blue switches. They are extremely light to press with a slight click on compression, allowing for speed when using the keyboard.

In terms of functionality, the one thing that would have been great to see on this keyboard is some software that can assist with the full customisation of the function keys available. This would have also meant you can fully customise the RBG backlighting to fit perfectly with your colour scheme. Having said that, MeetionUK are wanting to keep gaming simple, so the fact that the Meetion MK80 is plug-and-play with no extra applications required is a big plus. Coupled with the fact that many gamers don’t like having that extra bit of bloatware could also be a plus for many. In terms of physical features, the keyboard is extremely lightweight, and its dimensions are 418 x 113 x 23mm (W x H x L)


When it comes to compatibility sometimes the bigger brands do forget that there are still some users on older versions of Windows. Fear not, MeetionUK have you covered. Not only do they cater to Windows users, but the Meetion MK80 is also fully compatible with Mac. Check out the compatibilities below:

  • Windows – XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • MAC OS X
  • USB Connection

As mentioned above, no software download is required is it all plug and play.

Final Thoughts

As stated at the start of this article, I am always really sceptical about brands that I have never come across before. But with so many brands in the world today you really shouldn’t write any of them off until you have tried them out for yourself. The quality of the Meetion MK80 for the price is, especially with the extra discount offered by some of their partners makes this a really attractive keyboard. Whether it is for your gaming set-up or to boost the look of your home office PC, if a super sleek flat keycap keyboard is your style then this is definitely one to look at. I award the Meetion MK80 Ultrathin Keyboard a solid Thumb Culture Silver Award.

If the Meetion MK80 is something you would like! The team at MeetionUK has given our readers a discount code for 15% off, just use code THUMB_CULTURE15 at the checkout. If you do pick anything up be sure to tag us and the team at Meetion.

Disclaimer: A product was received in order to write this review.

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