Mango Cart Simulator PC Review – Man, Go Play This!

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In my 25 years of life I’m still very much unsure what route I want to go down in life (well, aside working with the amazing team which is Thumb Culture!)!, so I figured if I tried Mango Cart Simulator it would either show I want to be a mango salesperson or I don’t want to use that route, am I cut out for this kind of job?

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Mango Cart Simulator is developed and published by AkriGames,  They are an independent games studio based in Berlin, Germany and their plan is to bring out the fun and challenging games for people, dropping Mango Cart Simulator as their first game it sure did bring me a whole lot of challenges!

All across the gaming community, simulation games are there many are thriving and many are something you wouldn’t spend your time playing,Mango Cart simulator takes you through the turmoil of the economic and political environment  whilst trying to flog mango’s  I wasn’t sure there was a huge market for mango’s but apparently it’s a huge war against your other competitors. It really is a game that just puts you in it, no tutorial or guide to go by but after a few attempts you begin to learn the basics of having a successful company

There are many ways to sell your mango’s and get yourself to the top of the market, but would you do this on the legal side where you’re paying more for your things, or would you go off the grid and do thinks a slightly bit more illegal? Starting with your bank, you can pick out of four different accounts which show clearly with a tick or a cross if they offer you certain things like Trade & FX if they have a capital market, blockchain and even if they have “shady business” is that a loan shark I hear or are we just dodging taxes ? you can change your bank once per year in January, after that you’re stuck with the bank you’ve decided on. The bank can offer you loans in February and you can choose how long your loan runs for, one year, two years or three years and they change the percentage of interest added to your final payment. After skipping a few months it’s time to purchase your mango’s you’re given an option of Five different producers all that range from fair trade healthy mango’s with happy fair working conditions to basically having slaves do your work for a pittance that damages the environment and your mangoes are the worst quality. Choosing ones that impact the environment badly may leave people angry, meaning the prices you sell for goes down.

Dear Mr banker, please can you lend me one million?

There are four other competitors to go against and try to overcome, but you are given the options to form a cartel, which of course if caught its game over for you! or even smear their reputation, it could work in your favour where the opposition are made out to be bad humans and they sell less, or it could blow up in your face and it’s turned on you.  During shipment, you can choose to damage their shipment, which may or may not be successful either way they’re more than likely to retaliate when you least expect it and risk losing all of your import. If the tax rates are too high you can donate money to a political party to try to get them in favour of winning for the year, although I found this does not always work! you can see  stat sheet of what is going on in the city that may affect your mango sales, I was unsure in regards to why crime rate would affect this and soon figured out that it’s probably best to ensure your mango’s whilst during shipment, the higher the crime rate the more chance you’ve got of someone attempting to steal your stuff!

Smearing reputation backfires for me!

Throughout the game, along with other competitors trying to sabotage you you’re often thrown other things such as allegations which lead to a court hearing to see if you’re guilty of the crime or not, recession issues, if you’re rich enough to buy a farm the weather can massively impact on if your crop has gone well or not. You also come across a temporary oil crisis, where the price of oil means your shipment prices go up, you can run out of money easily when this happens and then you’ve lost the game.. or my particular worst way of the game ending was  the abrupt political revolution where you have no option to fix and the game is ended! I think it got to me more because the other options it was my own fault, I hadn’t budgeted properly within the game but when the revolution comes it was not my fault and often happened just 15 minutes or so into my game, therefore, making mango cart simulator a game difficult to really get stuck into which annoyed me.

I like to live life on the edge 


I genuinely did not know what I was expecting when coming to play mango cart sim but I was expecting something slightly better than a powerpoint presentation style game, although it was simple to read and get around!


There is one simple repetitive bit of music that goes on in the game, it would have been nice to hear some alerts when things happened but it’s very much just a basic little jingle

Make way losers, Thumb culture is here!


I found that it’s a cool pick up and play game, i wouldn’t be able to spend hours on it purely for the fact the game can end it at any time without me doing anything wrong (political revolution )  or if you could save and load mid games if one ends wrongly, you have to start a new! it’s like the game never wants you to win and as stubborn as I am when it comes to winning games this one isn’t worth the stress.

I found the game okay, wasn’t the best game I’ve played but certainly not the worst!  As I couldn’t get stuck into it and there are a good few things I’d change regarding the mango cart simulator I’m going to award it the Thumb Culture Bronze award!

Disclaimer: We received a code to complete this review

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