LOFREE Unveil New Low Profile Keyboard

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Lofree have recently announce their new keyboard, the Lofree Flow. The worlds first low-profile keyboard to incorporate Lofree and Kalih’s full POM switches, delivering a super smooth performance. Let’s take a quick look at the details below.

Smooth With The Flow

This aluminium-framed, low-profile keyboard from the folks at Lofree is aiming to redefine the peak standards for typing experiences. Fitted with the world’s first low-profile switches that use POM for all their plastic components, this could be the smoothest keyboard ever. POM is a highly resilient, low friction material that essentially self-lubricates; the more they are used, the smoother the experience will be.

The Lofree Flow is available in 2 versions – light and dark. Each version comes pre-built with a pre-determined set of switches – Ghost (linear) switches for the light model and Phantom (tactile) switches for the dark model. Both of these varieties, plus Wizard (clicky) switches, are also available to be purchased additionally with the keyboard.

If you’re looking to personalise the look of your keyboard right away, a choice of 3 additional keycap sets can be purchased – Retro, Alert and Kickstarter.

A montage image highlighting the key features of the Lofree Flow keyboard. The features shown in the image are Extremely Thin (referring to the depth of the keyboard), Kalih Full POM Switch, Hot-Swappable (referring to the non-soldered switches), Wireless or Wired (connection to your devices), Gasket Mount Design, RGB Lights, All Aluminium Design, and For Mac & Windows.
A quick look at the key features of the Lofree Flow.

Other features you can expect to find are:

  • Hot-swap switches
  • USB-C Wired Connection
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connection
  • 40 hour battery
  • RGB Sidelight

“We are proud to introduce the Lofree Flow, the smoothest mechanical keyboard designed to elevate the typing experience to a whole new level,” said Ken Jiang, spokesperson for Lofree. “With its unique combination of Kailh Full POM Switches, Gasket Mount design, and exquisite craftsmanship, the Lofree Flow offers an ever-smoother feel over time, ensuring our users enjoy an unparalleled typing experience that enhances their productivity and creativity.”

If you’re interested in learning more about this keyboard, the Lofree Flow can be purchased directly from Lofree. Prices start from $159 (approx. £130).

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