LOFREE FLOW Mechanical Low-Profile Keyboard

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A keyboard can make or break a setup for gaming or working from home. Long hours at your desk can leave your hands and wrists feeling fatigued. The Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard changes that: As a low-profile keyboard, the Lofree Flow removes the need to arch your hands for long periods, providing comfort. Let’s dive into what else this modern yet minimalist keyboard offers.

Lofree Flow, Where To Go (And Get One)?

The Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard is available on LOFREE’s official website for £129.35. The keyboard comes in two colour options: black with phantom switches or white with ghost switches (the model we’re looking at today). Additionally, you can purchase a 90-piece set of different coloured keycaps and an extra set of switches.

A white rectangular box with a silver sleeve around the middle of it. There is white text on the silver sleeve that says Lofree Flow.


The design of the Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard is minimalistic and modern yet simple. The keyboard’s base is an aluminium alloy unibody in a silver colour. The platforms underneath have rubber grips and are copper coloured, as is the Lofree logo on the right side of the keyboard. The symbols above the F keys and the FN key are also coloured copper. The metallic elements are what I believe add a modern touch to the keyboard.

The side view of the Lofree keyboard. The sides are silver with a copper-coloured section. The word Lofree is embossed into the copper section.

The rounded-edge PBT keycaps are low-profile. Not only is it incredibly comfortable to type with, but typing produces a light and gentle, almost bubble-wrap-like sound. For those who have to spend much time typing or those who may prefer a softer sound while they type, the Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard fits the bill. It’s also thin and incredibly light, ideal for travel if you need to take your keyboard away.


Besides its simple and chic design, what else does the Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard offer? Besides 84 hot-swappable keys and 16 multifunction keys, there is much more to mention for the discerning keyboard user.


The keyboard is RBG backlit and side-lit. The side lights have three modes: breath, steady and off, changed by holding the FN key and pressing the left arrow key. Holding the FN key and using the right arrow key allows you to cycle through and change the current colour of the side lights. In addition, a light at the bottom of the keyboard indicates when the keyboard connects to a power source.

A side view of the Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard. A purple light is glowing from the sidelights.

Power & Connectivity

The Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard has two ways to connect to your PC or laptop: a wired connection or Bluetooth. Connecting via USB is as simple as setting the back switch to ON and plugging it into the laptop or PC’s USB port. Connecting via Bluetooth is slightly less so, including holding down several keys and waiting to connect to your PC or laptop’s Bluetooth.

The battery boasts a 3-hour fast charge with 40 hours of life. The same USB used to connect to a computer device is the same used for charging, meaning you can plug it into a USB outlet to charge the keyboard.

A full view of the Lofree Flow keyboard in white.


To summarise, the Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard is an all-around stellar keyboard. It feels comfortable to use and overall gives a calming vibe. The soft, bubbly taps of the keys are pleasant to hear, and when you have a lot of typing to do, I believe this is favourable over the sometimes overwhelming loud clacks of traditional keyboards for long periods. The white backlight is soft and ideal for typing in dim lighting without straining your eyes. I also enjoy the texture of the PBT keycaps.
This keyboard has a few minor drawbacks, depending on your perspective. I found the Bluetooth option a little finicky to set up, which left me not utilising it and just opting for the easier option of simply connecting via USB.

I’m also unsure if changing the colour of the keyboard’s RGB backlight is a feature, as I couldn’t find any instructions on how to do so in the booklet. I may have missed it, but if it isn’t a feature, I find it odd that the sidelight colours are changeable, but the backlight isn’t. While I enjoy the soft white backlight, I believe avid fans of RGB lighting may find it disappointing and somewhat awkward that they can’t make the light colours match.

Overall, I still feel the Lowfree Flow mechanical keyboard is a good choice for users who might prefer something more subtle. It’s pretty straightforward to use and practical. I would say that I think it’s more suitable for office work and ordinary use instead of gaming.

I award the Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

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