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We have all been hearing about this title for a while now and it has finally made its way onto the Playstation. Brought to us by Skyhook Games, Curve Games and Giant Fish we have Lawn Mowing Simulator.

And Now I Want A Ride On Lawn Mower… And A Lawn

I am not the best gardener and to be quite honest I am not a huge fan of it either. I would rather be sitting relaxing in the sun with a good book and an ice cold Dr Pepper. However, Lawn Mowing Simulator change this? The answer is probably not but keep reading to find out how I get on!


The main part of the game is career mode, this is where you can build your mowing empire. You can grow it as little or as large as you would like. You start off by creating your character and customising their looks. From here you can then name the company and customise you uniform with various pre-set logos. Char created and company created, where next? Next you try out the three starter pieces of machinery, unless you are like me and accidently buy one from getting a little too click happy. But the idea is you get to choose the right one for you then hit your first contract. Obviously you can practice run on each of the machines.

The great thing about Lawn Mowing Simulator is that it slowly takes you on a tutorial whilst playing the main game. This way you get a guided tour and don’t get lost on the way. After each of the contracts you complete you will receive money and reputation points which then help you level up and bring in more clients. To start with as mentioned above you will also get helpful guidance, whether that be hiring a new employee or upgrading your HQ or equipment.

When you start a contract you start by assigning people and machinery to it. To start out with you will always assign yourself, as your business grows you will assign employees and the relevant tools for the job. When you get to your contract, you have an allotted time to check over the grass to find objects that might damage your mowers. Find all of these then you can get on your the task at hand. From here it’s your choice, you can start with the strimmer first to get around the flower beds and edging or you can go in mower first.

There isn’t much you can not like about Lawn Mowing Simulator, it is a relaxing sim title with a lot of games to be had. There is no in-depth storyline that you need to keep up with, its just you and your mowing company. It is all about enjoying the contract on hand. The one thing I would say about Lawn Mowing Simulator is that there is room for improvement when it comes to the Dual Sense controller. There are elements there but when comparing how Dual Sense is used in other titles, it feels like it could have delivered that little bit more.

Graphics & Audio

On the Playstation 5 the game environments look stunning. Starting with your immediate environment, you have the gardens/parks you are working within, and the attention to detail is stunning. Then onto the assets around you, buildings in the immediate vicinity down the patio furniture, you can tell the developers have taken time on getting this right. Even when it comes to the wider surroundings, depending on your location you could have people walking by to rolling fields and hills. It is absolutely made clear you and in the UK countryside.

Watch Me Strim

On an audio front, there isn’t much to comment on as when you are on a contract its real-world noises. Mainly the sound of your mower, but there also sounds from your environment. That could be the local birds or distant traffic. If you want a more serene environment stick with the default set-up. Alternatively, you could load up your favourite playlist and mow away to that.


Lawn Mowing Simulator is the type of game you always have installed. When you have had a day from hell (unless you mow lawns for a living) then you can just jump on and do a few contracts. You can slowly grow your business as and when, there is no rush with this game at all. It is a relaxing game and even a game you could get younger generations involved. As long as you don’t mind them cutting the lawns to the incorrect length that is!

There is so much content to go at as long as you enjoy the game. If this isn’t your kind of game, then chances are you will never pick it up again. Nothing has been done badly, however, I can imagine for some it would turn into a boredom simulator. Aside from the main story mode, there are also challenges to be completed and a free mow session.

For Your Next Challenge!

On top of the base, game Skyhook has developed DLC, which at first glance will bring a lot more fun into the game. With the Dino Safari DLC available now if you enjoy the standalone then surely this is a must. Dinosaurs and lawn mowing sound like an ideal getaway when it’s raining outside!

Final Thoughts

I first picked this up off the back of enjoying other simulators titles such as Powerwash Simulator. It has a very similar feel and sense of completion when comparing it. You are provided with a messy canvas and the goal is to clean it up. Overall I don’t feel like I enjoyed it just as much. This isn’t to say that Lawn Mowing Simulator is a poor title at all. For me, it lacks that little extra that would have otherwise pulled me in.

The way the game has been developed and what it has to offer has been done really well. It is simple enough for anyone to pick up and run with. As some sim titles can be overbearing and complex. What SkyHook has done is bring more diversity to gaming with a title that isn’t like the rest. Not everyone wants a run and gun and for some, this would have been a platinum title. However, I award Lawn Mowing Simulator a Thumb Culture Silver Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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