Kita Grip 360 Nintendo Switch Case Review

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I’m a strong believer that anything portable needs protecting. So I get hands-on with the Kita Grip 360. A new all in one package for the Nintendo Switch. Can it really offer the all-around protection it claims on a camping trip to the country? Let’s get out and about with it and put it through the test.

The Box where it begins

Play like you mean it whenever, wherever with all-round protection


Designed for Nintendo Switch. The Kita Grip provides drop protection of up to 10 feet/3meters. The GlassFusion+ screen protector is a flexible polymer with a glass-like feel that protects your screen by absorbing shock and dispersing impact.

The case gives you full access to joysticks and buttons. Palm grips and a textured surface let you play comfortably with better control. The case is made from their D3O materials. D3O Bio is a plant-based protection material made with 52% renewable resources. The D3O is part of ZAGG’s sustainability initiative to protect and enhance our world. The main case itself is transparent with the only colour being the red and blue grips that would match the coloured controls of the switch. While I personally have an all black/grey Switch, I did enjoy the splash of colour that the grips gave.

What’s in the box?

Both the Kita Grip and the included InvisibleShield screen protector have an antimicrobial coating. This coating protects your case by inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria and guarding against degradation from microorganisms.

The included screen protector is noted as having a glass-like surface that responds to every tap and swipe. It’s crystal clear so you can enjoy the sharp, vibrant images on your screen. The smudge-resistant surface helps prevent fingerprints from accumulating. This level of protection alongside its EZ Apply tabs make applying the InvisibleShield screen protector simple and accurate. The Kita Grip case then snaps on easily and securely over the back of your device.

Screen protector applied and ready to go in minutes



To really test out the protective qualities of the Kita Case I took it away for a week of camping in the midst of Anglesey. After a week of daily use by both myself and a 3-year old, I was blown away by the protection offered. The InvisibleShield screen protector offered unmatched protection from fingerprints and smudges as well as scratch prevention. After Numerous trips out in backpacks, car drives and days out not a single scratch made its way onto the screen. While it offers top-quality protection it does not compromise screen quality, in fact, I very quickly forgot the protector was even there.

The case itself is lightweight and very comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Most play sessions lasted around 2-4 hours with no discomfort caused by either the case of the screen.


This is one of two cases available through their official online store. While I tested the Kita Grip 360 which is for the Nintendo switch classic. They also have a Kita Grip 360 Lite offering the same high-quality case and screen protector but for the Nintendo Switch Lite.  

There is open access to the SD card slot for changing games as well as all other areas that you would expect. There is one noteworthy part of its compatibility. This would be that you can not dock your Switch console while in its case. However, with its ease of access, you can remove and re-equip the case in a matter of seconds while it still maintains its safe secure fit.

Playing on the kickstand

Final Thoughts

I was absolutely blown away by how easy and simple the application was to use. Especially for a product that is so efficient. In total it took less than 5 minutes to fully apply and was secure and smudge-free from the start. with an ability to feel great in the hands and offering full all-around protection. It fits all hands both big and small nicely and left me feeling happy with a childproof console! I, therefore, award the Kita Grip 360 a Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A product was received in order to write this review.

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