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It’s time to fight spiders with fire, once again, in this new sequel, Kill It With Fire 2. Creators at Casey Donnellan Games LLC have released it for early access this month on the 16th. You’ll play The Exterminator as he continues to take on the eight-legged menace. Grab some friends and start hunting together via the campaign, or go head-to-head in Spider-Hunt. You can pick up the game for £12.79 or give some extra support with the Supporters pack, which comes with the OST and costs £15.28.

You’re gonna need more than fire.

I'm exploring a vent system while looking for a fuel cell. The text on the left displays my objective and what I need to find. I am using the tracker to make sure no threats nearby.
When was this a horror game?


Kill It With Fire 2 story takes place right after the first games. Our hero, The Exterminator, awakens in his house. The tutorial plays through similar to how it did in the first game but in reverse. Once you finish the tutorial, you get abducted into a spaceship known as the Vindicator. Here, the on-ship A.I., called Darwin, provides more information on what you’ll need to do. 

A gif of me using the weapon Lazer Breath in a spider city.
Godzilla fans, where you at?

The player has to collect Datachips so that you can travel to new dimensions. I love exploring different worlds and seeing what mischief the devs have cooked up. One such world in Kill It With Fire 2 had me rampage in a city where spiders had taken over instead of humans. While in these new dimensions, you can do challenges that will unlock chests. Just like in the first game, challenges work to mix up the gameplay instead of just killing spiders. Every time you beat a challenge, you will receive Compound X, which unlocks more areas throughout the game.

Why would you just use fire?

One of the biggest appeals in Kill It With Fire 2 is the weapons. These can range from items such as a newspaper, clipboard, and a frying pan. You can also find bombs and futuristic weapons. The weapons in the game are upgradable with wrenches that are scattered around. Each upgrade has a challenge tied to it as well. These upgrades will help increase ammo usage or add effects. For example, the Spider-Tracker will also find secrets, which I was happy to unlock since I plan to get all my achievements.

This gif shows me drinking an orange potion and then turning in a spider.
You need to get into the mind of your enemy.

You can make weapons by using a blueprint and Spacebux at the workbench found on the Vindicator. If you need ammo, then killing spiders has a chance to drop some.

The different spiders you will encounter.

In Kill It With Fire 2, you’ll encounter various types of spiders. Some make a return, such as the Zombie Spider and Spider Queen. Zombie Spiders are bright green and will bring any dead spiders they come across back to life. The Spider Queen has a red abdomen and occasionally summons spider eggs that release thousands of babies unless squashed. When killed, they will also create these eggs.

This gif is me discovering one of the new spiders which is called a morph.
Oh nah mate, they can shift now.

Some of the newer variants are the Morph Spiders, which will jam your tacker, which tells you one is nearby. The Morph will take the form of a random object nearby and, when damaged or picked up, will shift back into its original form. There are some found during the story, so to remain low on spoilers, I won’t mention them here.


I managed to finish the main story of the build that is out right now. I’m looking forward to seeing what the devs cook up. As I mentioned above, Kill It With Fire 2 does have multiplayer. So you and three friends can have a time trying to hunt spiders. You will be returning to previous areas and exploring for anything you may have missed or doing specific tasks.

The board shows the amount of collectables in the game. Each one has a symbol and the ones that are filled with a question mark are undiscovered. I am holding the spider tracker and on it, it shows a few spiders nearby.
A good amount of stuff to find.

Final Thoughts

The current state of Kill It With Fire 2 is good, with some minor frame issues here and there when loading in. The frames dropped a lot during the wave segment of the game. All the weapons I found felt good to use, but I wasn’t a fan of how scarce ammo was. I know spiders have a chance to drop it, but I found leaving the area and coming back easier. 

The game does well on building and continuing from the previous one, and I do look forward to the new content they add. I hope to see more secrets and funny moments in future updates.

The Teams thoughts.

The time I had with Kill It with Fire 2 was both stress-relieving and stress-inducing. I love how the world got expanded by KILLING SPIDERS IN SPACE!!! The inclusion of different types of spiders and weapons was a really beautiful touch to my end to kill the spiders. I do have concerns, but it has to do with spider form in co-op and in the story. Other than that, I’m enjoying the many ways I can kill these spiders and seeing the creative forms the devs gave these spiders.


Where the first included an amazing narrative, tons of collectables and jump-scares a-plenty, the second surpasses the first in every way with bigger scale levels, new enemies and even more collectables. I especially loved the level where you are a giant in spider city.


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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