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Welcome to my latest review where I check out Hot Brass! This game is brought to us by developers Walk with Kings and publishers Treasure Hunters FanClub. In Hot Brass you play as an elite SWAT operator, save hostages, chase down suspects and ultimately save the day.

Hot Brass – A Tactically Brilliant Real-Time Tactic Game

Continue reading on to find out my thoughts on Hot Brass, will I enjoy this top-down tactical stealth shooter or will it leave me wishing for a flashbang to blow out my vision? Read my previous review here.


Hot Brass brings us control of an elite SWAT operator. You can also team up with up to 3 other people, friends, or the public through the in-game server browser. First up, we’re greeted with the tutorial which shows us the ropes from movement to shooting, using wall breach charges, and more.

Before each mission begins we’re given a mission briefing followed by the option to change our loadout. At first, you don’t have much choice on this screen. However, as you progress through the missions you unlock more weapons and gadgets such as shotguns, pistols, and night vision goggles.

Hot Brass - The Loadout Screen
The Loadout Screen

There are lots of awesome gadgets in Hot Brass, including the UDC (under door camera), which will allow you to scope out a room before you enter. The UDC has a night vision mode also so if someone is hiding in a room with the lights turned down, or off, you can see them.

Hot Brass - The UDC
The UDC’s night vision.

Each person you come across in Hot Brass will have a character state. If they are red, be careful as they can attack you. A press of your right mouse button will cause your operator to shout “SWAT!”, “POLICE!”, “HANDS IN THE AIR!” and more. This will hopefully cause the person to give in and be ready for detainment. In some cases, hardened ex-cons don’t want to go down again, so will curse at you and then open fire, so be careful!

Hot Brass - Suspect Cursing
Someone needs their mouth washed out.

For example, during the first mission, we have two civilians and two suspects, one of which is packing heat. So we need to be careful as we progress through the house during this mission. One thing to note also, this game can be quite hard on your own. I found whilst playing with Stuart S, it was much easier, and much more fun too. Not that it wasn’t fun alone, just much more of a laugh.

There is a variety of mission types such as hostage situations and missions where you have to find a suspect before they are alerted and flee the scene. The variety of mission types is good as each mission feels different. Once completing missions you will unlock the next mission, as well as an “arcade mode” for some of the levels. Arcade mode allows you to play levels with custom settings, so play to your heart’s desire!

Graphics & Audio

The graphics in Hot Brass are simple, yet very effective. There are some really good effects in this game such as when you get caught out by a flashbang, everything you saw before it went off goes a bright white, your keys are reversed and the bright light slowly fades back to normal.

Hot Brass Flashbang
My poor eyes!

There are some other great physics in Hot Brass. For example, when I was playing co-op with Stu, I realised after we had a small shoot-out with a suspect that there were holes in the wall. So I then turned my flashlight on. I shot some more holes in the wall and the light from my flashlight seeped through the walls, allowing me to partially see into the next room. Great effect!

The audio in Hot Brass is brilliant, a soundtrack to match familiar police department TV shows, sound effects are done well in the game and I love that you can shout at a suspect or civilian to make them co-operate.


Hot Brass has many levels for you to crawl through, as well as multiple challenges in each level. Also, it appears that progress does not carry over from co-op. This is a shame, but, that also leaves it open for you to play through again with friends.

Final Thoughts

I had great fun playing this game on my own, but, I had even more fun playing 2 player co-op. Hot Brass is an all-round winner for me. It has a variety of challenges and some of the levels are rather difficult. This leaves you feeling quite accomplished once you manage to beat them. I give Hot Brass the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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