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News from the team at CeleritasGamestoday with a gameplay trailer for Holy Purge coming to Steam this month.

The Power Of Christ Compels You

Holy Purge is CeleritasGamesfirst multiplayer game, following on from Sinister Halloween. With another 3 titles due by the end of 2022.

1-3 online co-op

Co-Op Survival Horror

First, your goal is to unite holy forces to stop an evil plague from consuming a medieval village. Equally, you will unravel Witchcraft, fight off werewolves, and escape the reaper of souls.

With a high level of replayability as objectives, doors, ritual items and collectables are all being randomised.

Play as holy priests in a 1-3 player online co-op, you must work together to stop the evil plague engulfing the medieval village. Explore the open world of the village plagued by evil.

Defend yourself using silver, fire torches and holy crosses. As the game progresses the darkness rages and speed increases this includes the enemies who will be hunting you.

Catch the chickens and plunder the pumpkins

For the ultimate challenge, go against Nightmare mode placing you against a timer to complete the map and all its objectives. In addition to Nightmare, a mode is Single Player, where you face off against all the evil yourself. This is one for hardcore players.

Further multiplayer features support positional voice chat, invite friends or find other players using the server browser.

Holy Purge is scheduled for release on steam this month, in the meantime check out the full gameplay trailer below.


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