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Hitman HD Collection by IO interactive is available now for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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Hitman HD Collection is two games in one. Firstly you have Hitman: Absolution and secondly is Hitman: Bloodmoney. Both these games have been remastered to 4k resolution with enhanced graphics with 60fps.

Now I am a longtime fan of the Hitman series since the original PC releases, so I was very happy to receive a review code to revisit my time as Agent 47.

Quietly Does it

All the classic weapons are here from your Silverballers to fiber wire and poisons. Depending on how you choose to play each of these games will change your experience as Agent 47.

Personally I love to take my time and wait for the perfect moment to strike. There is nothing better than treating each hit provided like a work of art. I would be lying if I said I have never gone in all guns blazing during my time on Hitman. Sometimes this can feel just as satisfying.

Both games feel very different to me with how you play them. Hitman: Absolution for example comes from the previous console generation, and it feels more action orientated than Hitman: Blood Money which is probably the most popular game in the series.

I have to say I enjoy both games although it is for different reasons. Absolution feels a lot more natural on a joy-pad than Blood Money for example. Although I find the gameplay in Blood Money superior to Absolution.

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Graphically these games are worlds apart in my humble opinion. Absolution wins hands down if you compare both games with each other. Blood Money is a 13-year-old game so this should be taken into account. It still looks great although I spotted issues with shading during my time with this one. Nothing that breaks the game, It just looks ugly when a shadow is in horizontal strips instead of being blended nicely.

Absolution was a treat to the eyes on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So playing this on my PS4 Pro on a 4k screen was a real delight as it still looks amazing today. It feels like more time was put into remastering this game graphically although that could be because it is more modern, so I imagine it would require less work to bring it up to a 4k standard.

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Hitman HD Collection is equally impressive in the audio department. All the weapons sound perfect. The ambient noises help immerse you into the game even more. Sometimes what you can here in-game can change whether you live or die. Or get through an area undetected. So a great job all-round here.

Good old days


Hitman HD Collection is a remaster of two classic games. You have to take this into account when you purchase this one. It is slightly higher priced than a lot of remastered games on sale at the moment. Although I think this is a great buy and should be in everyone’s collection if you enjoy Hitman. For me these are polar opposites regarding gameplay style and worthy of everyone’s time. I award Hitman HD Collection a Thumb Culture Gold Award.


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