Hexgaming PS5 Ultimate Controller Review

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We have teamed up with the guys over at Hexgaming to bring you a review on one of their latest additions to the range. The Hexgaming PS5 Ultimate Controller. With a wealth of experience in the controller arena, we are extremely excited to get some hands-on (literally) time with this bit of kit.

Take your gaming to the next level with a custom controller!

Custom controllers in the past were always used by those wanting to stick auto punch on during a beat ’em up. This meant that they were sometimes looked down upon. However, controllers now have been modded in various ways. Some to make games more accessible due to disabilities and others to make take complex games and enable them to be played with precision. Keep reading to find out more about Hexgaming Ultimate Controller.


When it comes to custom controllers, design is one of the biggest factors as to why someone would buy from you. Despite functionality being the most important thing, so many people want a nice looking bit of kit to sit alongside their prized possessions. This is where Hexgaming has you covered. To start off with their controllers are built from existing Playstation 5 controllers, so you know they are going to be of great quality and have an amazing overall feel. After all, the Playstation 5 controllers as standard are probably the most comfortable on the market.

Go wild!

You then have the choice of going pre-designed where Hexgaming has a vast amount of predesigned easy picking controllers for you. However, if you want that little bit of extra customisation, they offer a service whereby you can fully customise the look of your controller. Here is your time to shine and bring your personality to your controller and the look of your overall set-up. With some stunning colours and effects available, you can create a controller that will not only look great on your social media feeds but probably make gaming friends a tad bit jealous. I mean who doesn’t love a custom controller.


As mentioned above, Hexgaming uses official PS5 controllers to build from. On top of this, there is a maximum of 15 buttons that you can remap depending on your game/gameplay style. When it comes to remapping there is no one size fits all so this is a great way to enhance your gaming. The buttons available for remapping are (X, O, Triangle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, L3, R3, Touchpad ) to the rear buttons. You can also remap during the game.

For the ultimate experience, Hexgaming also includes 6 in 1 interchangeable thumbstick. From different heights, different thumb grip designs to domed and concave. You can adapt your controller for comfort and improve your accuracy within games.


So as the name suggests this is a Playstation 5 controller. However, Hexgaming does offer a variety of controllers on their site for previous and current-gen consoles. Customisation is also available on these with premium versions available as well. Depending on your preferred grip there are also various styles of controllers available for particular models in the Hex Gaming Range.

Final Thoughts

Having owned some other custom controllers in the past, the Hexgaming PS5 offering goes straight to the top of the tree. Having the ability to remap the buttons mid-game if a particular setup isn’t working is just one of the many factors contributing to this controller’s top-tier status. Will the price though put you off? I guess that really depends on whether you are looking for a controller that is both comfortable as well as giving you an edge over your competition?

The Hexgaming PS5 Ultimate Controller receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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