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Hacker Simulator by devs Save All Studio is exactly as it sounds, a hacking sim!  Do you fancy being the next Zero Cool or Crash Override? Yes, sorry for showing my age there but Hackers is a great film! With publishers PlayWay S.A in support who are renowned for a whole host of Sim games, are we in safe hands?

Hacker Simulator – Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest

Available on PC, let’s darken the lights, close the door and boot up!  If you enjoy this review remember to leave a like, comment, follow, and your IP address below!

Hacker Simulator
No RGB in sight, atleast that will keep Welsh Stu happy!


When I was a kid and the internet was starting to gather pace I always dreamt of being a hacker.  Perhaps joining MI5 and going into espionage seemed a really thrilling job.  Obviously, I never ventured down that route as I didn’t have the patience back then, especially with Turtle Power taking over the world.  Enter Hacker Simulator, finally my chance to safely have a play without the threat of the real police turning up!

Starting as a hacking novice you begin within your residence.  You are free to walk around and navigate around the darkly lit room however it is the computer in the corner that will be your weapon of choice.  Sitting down at the desk, the computer screen fills yours and you are immediately immersed into the game. The tutorial guides you through your initial mission to infiltrate the neighbour’s wifi network.  By using virtual browsers, apps and the command prompt window you begin your quest. Mouse and keyboard for the win.

Hacker Simulator
Where all the action happens!

Typing out lines of commands is certainly not as boring as it sounds.  You need to use your brain to ensure that you methodically go about each step in a certain way. Every successful command reveals key information that you then need to use in order to complete the next step. There is a helpful notepad to keep a record of what you have discovered if required.

The basic hacks of locating a Wifi security key do not take long to get the hang of and before you know it you are undertaking your first contracts via your social app Wiscord.  Logging into people’s PCs, stealing files and looking for personal information such as social security numbers starts to become second nature to you.  Implementing hacks via the strangely named “Kiddies Database” really gives you a feel for hacking as the terminal window begins rolling with information.  Can you get what you need and leave before you are detected?

Hacker Simulator
Really felt a bit wrong accessing the “Kiddies Database.”

It is clear that a lot of research has gone into Hacker Simulator as you travel through the murky underground world of bruteforce, exploits and phishing tactics.  Remaining anonymous really gives you a buzz! If you stay for too long on any one network you will get caught!

Rather than stick at the screen 100% of the time, Hacker Simulator does allow for some breaks whereby you can leave your residence and collect parcels that have been dropped off for you in the alleyway.  Upgrading your computer and buying new programs is a must as you begin to slowly progress!

Hacker Simulator
Ah, the pallet of gifts provides once more!

Graphics & Audio

The main desktop screen that you spend a lot of the time at is clean and set out similar to a normal pc. The graphics here do not need to be “wow” as there is nothing really that glam about the command prompt screen.  All that matters here is that everything is functional and easy to use, which thanks to the graphics ensures it is. I really loved how Wiscord looked just like Discord!

Away from the PC the residence is well drawn with realistic-looking furniture and lighting effects.  There was something very Phasmophobia about it, minus the ghosts. This graphical style is equally matched when out in the alleyway where the dim lights and neon glows add to a seedy feel to it all.

Sound effects are at a minimum as you are simply typing at a PC however there is an accompanying electronic music ambiance, similar to Blade Runner, that you can choose to have on or off if you so desire.

Hacker Simulator
Rinse and repeat!


I found Hacker Simulator to be quite immersive. Although progression can be a little slow at times, a lot of it is down to your typing speed and consistency.  With many items to unlock there are quite a few hours to put into the game in order to take the title of top hacker.

Final Thoughts

Hacker Simulator is certainly well thought out.  While I appreciate that a typing game may not appeal to every gamer out there, this is the reality of hacking!  There is something really underground to all of it that keeps you going.  Being reminded at the start of the game in a disclaimer by the developer not to misuse the information in the real world certainly gives you a buzz! Should you fancy a dabble with a fictional electronic world of crime then this is the game for you.

Hacker Simulator gets a Thumb Culture Gold Award from me!

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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