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There is a burgeoning development scene right now for new games for retro systems. The GameBoy is such a beloved piece of gaming hardware and there is a slew of new games in the works for the Nintendo handheld. One such game is Action Adventure RPG Glory Hunters from indie studio 2think.

The game was one of over 20 indie games we featured in our Indie Game Stage 2023 showcase and we have been eagerly anticipating its release.

Pain is temporary, Glory is Eternal – Glory Hunters

The Mexican developer previously released the Punch-Out inspired Pato Box on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PSVita and PC.

This new game launches on June 8th 2024 and is playable in a wide range of different ways. This review was played natively on Analogue Pocket using a .pocket file via the GB Studio menu.

The Game Boy cartdrige is compatible with the original Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light, Game Boy Advance and the Analogue Pocket!

The digital ROM can be played within emulation devices or via an everdrive style cartridge. The .pocket file is compatible with the Analogue Pocket via the SD card functionality. The physical cartdrige is compatible with the original Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light, Game Boy Advance and the Analogue Pocket!

If you want to give it a try there is a demo over on the Glory Hunters page.


When a massive object is on a collision course with the earth, you must quest across the lands of Glorianta to unlock one of 4 different God vessels in order to save the world.

This epic quest centers around obtaining achievements to earn Glory Points (GP). Everything you do along your journey can earn GP, so gather resources, help villagers, fight enemies and complete mini games.

impending doom

The map in Glory Hunters is large and features a clever system to control players advancement across the land. Pathways are blocked by Knight who require a payoff in GP to open access to the player. Some shortcuts can be opened up too by breaking rocks but this ability requires upgrading your sword, which you guessed it, costs Glory Points.

Across the 9 towns in the game there is plenty to do and see. You will meet a lot of interesting characters as you strive to become a glorious warrior. Tackle 9 temples and 11 unique bosses as you carve your own path to success.

Graphics & Audio

The design throughout Glory Hunters delivers a detailed and populated world to explore. The pixel art is expertly presented in the limited, iconic green colour palette of the original DMG GameBoy.

Little animations add life to the world while the soundtrack is an excellent accompaniment, heightening the experience. In fact some of the tunes got stuck in my head so much that I found myself humming them while I was away from the game.

the path to Glory

As you advance through the adventure there are some set-piece moments, kind of cut-scenes which add to the story and scale of the task you face in your pursuit of glory.

For the best possible experience for those playing on a GameBoy Colour, developer César Arminio suggests changing the palette (grayscale). This is done by pressing left + B at the same time when the Game Boy Color logo loads up.


With around 5 hours of gameplay to beat the story there is a short experience for those who want it. For those who seek further challenge, the quest to meet all 4 gods and achieve ultimate glory will take over 20 hours.

if at first you don’t succeed

There are over 600 glorious deeds available. From gathering materials and assisting townsfolk with various quests, to exploring dungeons and defeating diverse enemies. So if you are a completionist playing on an original DMG GameBoy be sure to have some spare AA batteries at hand.

Final Thoughts

Delivering serious bang for its buck, the adventure across this beautifully realised world is nothing short of Glorious. If you are new to the GameBoy or a seasoned connoisseur of the original Nintendo handheld then be sure not to miss this gem.

The care, passion and hard work that has been put into this game is clear to see. Glory Hunters is such an enjoyable epic journey that is brimming with charm and is a must have for my physical retro collection.

I bestow the honour of the Thumb Culture Platinum Award upon this brave warrior.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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