Gioteck HC2 Range Review

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Are you looking for a new headset for your console or PC? Are you on a budget? We think you should check out the Gioteck HC2 range of headsets. They bring above average performance with a price tag that won’t make you run scared.

So who are Gioteck? Gioteck established themselves in 2008 and have quickly spread their product catalog worldwide. Their products are designed and engineered in the UK and bring third party peripherals to gamers on a budget.

The HC2 Range Has Something For Everyone

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The Gioteck HC2 comes in a variety of designs specifically for the system they are for. The HC-2, P4 and X1 variants are all essentially the same under the hood. With comfort at the forefront you have an adjustable VR headband for use with your VR systems. Then with its uniquely designed ear cup design, focusing on bringing comfort to those extended gaming sessions.

With colour being the main variance between each headset model, they come in green and blue, and in particular with the HC-2 they have replaceable ear cup plates. When looking at the specification, literally everything else about the variances is the same.

That line up

The Gioteck HC2 also comes with a removable mic, just incase you are using an external microphone or are looking to store it away safely. The microphone on the Gioteck HC2 is also adjustable allowing you to find that perfect mic position.

Moving down the headset you have an in line remote, giving you volume control and a mute button. Allowing you to quickly mute the mic if you need to talk elsewhere, or as I found, you need to mute for a big sneeze. Because lets face it no one wants to hear that in game!


Boasting lag free audio, the Gioteck HC2 gives that stereo sound that actually impresses. Being a budget headset you can’t expect the performance of a Razer headset, or even a Turtle Beach, but what you do get is nice clean audio. Using the headset to both game and to watch movies gives a decent experience. Don’t be fooled, the Gioteck HC2 are limited, you aren’t going to get those ear shaking bass booms, but you do get a decent range of audio.

Changing faces

Playing a FPS game you are able to determine whether your enemies are to your left or right, and to a certain extent their verticality. However, you wont get the preciseness of a more expensive headset.  This does not mean that this is a poor headset, however you do have to take into account the specification. For circa £2o you will not get a headset that provides you with virtual 7.1 surround sound for example. However, you will get a headset which will allow you to enjoy gaming no matter what.

Final Thoughts

The Gioteck HC2 and the variants bring a great performance relative to the price tag. So are you looking for a headset that doesnt break the bank? Or are you looking for a gift for a gamer? Then you can’t go wrong with the HC2 and whichever variance you chose from the range. The Gioteck HC2 receives the Thumb Culture Silver Award

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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