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The first gameplay video for Steelrising has been revealed by NACON and Spiders. An alternative “what if..?” look at history during the French Revolution in 1789.

Vive La Revolution

What if King Louis XVI, passionate about watchmaking, had conceived an army of automatons capable of putting down this insurrection? Just think, with no emotion this army would be powerful and cruel, spares no one and violently punishes rebels. Would the barricades be any match for these ‘soldiers’?

Eugene Vaucauson, an engineer working for Louis XVI has a workshop where he is creating automatons. The player embodies Aegis, the master chief of the automatons, who used to entertain the royals by dancing in court and is now a warrior and Marie Antoinette’s bodyguard no less. Appointed by the Queen, Aegis will have to navigate through a Paris crawling with machines. Fights are challenging and will test the player’s skills to the maximum. Such is the price to pay for those who want to change the course of history.

The Enemy Is Not Going Down Without A Fight

The video reveals for the first time more than 5 min of gameplay and several levels which highlight the combat. This trailer also reveals many enemies and illustrates the first bosses that Aegis must face in Steelrising. In one of the levels, the player is in the workshop of Vaucanson and confronted with several types of mobs, Aegis can select her weapons and objects to try to defeat each enemy. The next level is revealed after a carriage ride and with it the outfit customisation options for Aegis. (What is Paris without clothing?)

The player will also discover the possibilities offered by the grappling hook in the vertical exploration of Parisian buildings. The dash – a system of boosts that allow the player to move less conventionally and to reveal other facets of the Paris of 1789.

The release date for the game has been delayed. Now Steelrising will be available on the 8th of September 2022 on PC and consoles.

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