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The wait is over. Freedom Planet 2 has finally arrived on consoles, bringing heroines Lilac, Carol and Milla back for another 2D platforming adventure. Developed by indie studio Galaxy Trail the series has garnered a dedicated community of players who have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this sequel.

Freedom Planet 2 – May The Winds Of Time Carry You For Eternity

Originally launched on PC in September 2022 it releases on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on April 4th 2024.


For those not familiar with the series, it began life as a Sonic fan game. Heavily inspired by the speedy blue hedgehog, it became its own beast set in an original universe.

Where Freedom Planet differs from the iconic Sega mascot in its gameplay is the fact that the simple act of running into enemies doesn’t cause damage. Where Sonic would be stopped in his tracks at full speed by bumping into an enemy, the characters here can continue their momentum and only taking a hit when an enemy attacks.

A blue hologram from the databank in Freedom Planet 2. A dialogue box below the hologram reads: "Three years have passed since the invasion that almost destroyed our world of Avalice"
Freedom Planet lore

Advancing from the first game, Freedom Planet 2 features a world map. This map not only has the games levels but also some hub areas that offer an RPG type experience to players. You can talk to every character you meet, fleshing out the world and story beyond the cut-scenes. It is a very welcome additional touch that gives the game a more rounded feel.

Gameplay has been tweaked, refined and perfected to the nth degree. The cast of 4 playable characters, the original 3 heroines Lilac, Carol and Milla now joined by Neera who fans will remember from the first game, have not only new looks but also new abilities that change up the way you play.

The inclusion of a bespoke tutorial for each of the playable characters is a very nice feature that makes taking on a character that you’ve not tried before a breeze. Refresher tutorials also pop up when the level difficulty ramps up giving players a leg-up on the gameplay mechanics.

Graphics & Audio

Meticulously detailed and lovingly designed animations take the visuals to the next level. I mean just go take a look at Milla running or flying for example and come back and tell me an indie game that matches this level of craftsmanship. In fact a lot of AAA games don’t display this degree of artistry.

your majesty

Every character model has been reworked. While their designs look more advanced, they stay faithful to the originals and are unmistakably Freedom Planet. I constantly marveled at the ever increasing number of unique, beautifully designed cast of NPC’s that popped up as the story progressed. Each given the same care and attention of the main crew.

Just like the original the story features fully voices characters, something which is not often the case from an indie title. The performances of these characters is also top-notch and fans of the series will be delighted to see the return of some favourites. Mayor Zao… come on you’ve gotta love him.

A map area from Freedom Planet 2 featuring a light up night time cityscape in an area called Zao Land
who’s been to Zao Land?

One of the weakest parts of the original game was its subtitles and just like nearly every other aspect of this new title, has been honed, updated and improved.

The presentation of the subtitles here is hands down the very best implementation I have ever come across in a game. It’s genius and adds so much to the delivery of the characters lines of dialogue.

Just like its predecessor the soundtrack is also excellent. It brilliantly accents the levels as you speed through them.


With 4 playable characters (Lilac The Dragon, Carol The Wildcat, Milla The Hound and Neera The Frost Knight each with own distinct play style) across 3 difficulties, there is certainly plenty of replay value when it comes to Freedom Planet 2. This is without taking into consideration the speed running aspect to the game or the collectibles and achievements.

potions to boost those stats

Then there are the custom load-outs for each character which offer new gameplay experiences. These stat boosts and debuffs present the player with new levels of challenge for extra reward.

Players on PlayStation who enjoy trophy hunting will be glad to find that there is indeed a Platinum trophy on offer. This can be attained by bagging the 11 bronze, 8 silver and 7 gold trophies throughout your time with the game.

Final Thoughts

An exquisitely crafted experience Freedom Planet 2 was definitely worth the long wait. The sheer amount of little details that have been implemented with such thought, care and attention shows not only the abundance of talent at Galaxy Trail but also the passion they have for their projects.

Having taken an already excellent first game and dialing everything up to 11 for this sequel, I look forward to what this gifted team of developers has in store for us next.

DO NOT let this one speedrun past you! It should absolutely be on your radar.

This one mega-drives its way to the Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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