Forgotten Fields Review – A Passage Through Time

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Forgotten Fields is an adventure story, following the passage of time of a struggling author looking to create a new story to help pay his bills. Experience the vibrant colourful environment of the summer and follow a relaxing story at your own pace. Forgotten Fields is developed by Frostwood Interactive and published by Dino Digital.

Forgotten Fields speaks to the heart with a deep feel story that gets you thinking about life

Out of reach linen, blowing in the wind in a tree
The Author has to overcome many tasks including gathering his aunts washing blown away in the windy weather and all over the fields

Adventure stories have always spoken to me on a personal level and this game was no different. I was intrigued to discover the personal messages this game had to offer and just to relax for a change. Do you enjoy the change of pace? What did you learn? Let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to take a look at my previous articles here.


Forgotten Fields provides an immersive story with conversations done as bubbles to fill the story with no audio narration. Instead, you are treated to beautiful relaxing music. As mentioned you play a writer spending his summer trying to come up with a new story idea before the deadline later that day. After the success of the first book, you struggle to create a book as reputable as your first. You follow Sid’s journey throughout the day slowly getting your ideas from spending your day helping your mum with the move. Also, you are able to change your clothes a few times throughout for that unique look.

Changing clothes at home and mum's home in Forgotten Fields
You can customise Sid’s clothes throughout the story and change his clothes, whenever you have access to drawers or wardrobes

The gameplay throughout is very basic with simple puzzles of finding things to progress through the story. The developers focused on creating an experience of learning and self-reflection both in the game and on a personal level. There are no actual skills and abilities, instead have running and your directional controls. Navigation can be hard at times with the camera angles and environment, especially the temple of time (which can be found in the image below).

Graphics & Audio

Although you may think the graphics of Forgotten Fields is mediocre at best, you would be surprised; they actually complement the story being told and empathise the summer experience/vibes in a bright and vibrant environment. It helps to paint the picture and focus on the most important aspects the game offers. The Vibrant contrast of colours gives clues as to the location being so where hot, summery and laid back living.

However, the emphasis on the audio is quite apparent, including upbeat summer beats during long cutscenes between the cut scenes of the game. Free assets are used for most of the game adding in background noise for many scenes in both the author’s journey and his writing story.


In Total Forgotten Fields will take on average 3-4 hours with a few scenes with 2 options allowing for different story outcomes. Although the majority of the story is very linear and doesn’t offer much beyond 1-2 walkthroughs.

Temple of time with a magical tree that stops time as long as you stay within the temple
Explore strange mystical places in Sid’s imagination, while piecing together your ideas for your next book. (Temple of Time)

Final Thoughts

Overall the story spoke to me on many levels, offering subjects to think about in my own life. The vibrant colours and beautiful scenery adds to the experience and creates a warm setting to enjoy. However, camera angles, models and mechanics ruin the overall experience and made it hard to keep playing throughout. In my opinion, Forgotten Fields has the makings for a great game, if the time is put into the animation and overall ascetic of the game. For this, I award Forgotten Fields a Thumb Culture Silver Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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