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Fishing, North Atlantic is a follow on from Fishing, Barents sea from the developer Misk. Highly realistic fishing simulator game that looks and feels very realistic. Get better gear and boats as you earn money from your catches to become a fishing legend. With new methods of fishing and more species to catch as you are sailing, you’ll have non-stop work to do to become a legend and make millions.


When you are starting Fishing, North Atlantic, you will be greeted with a choice of starting with a tutorial or just jumping straight in. I started with the tutorial, so I could get the hang of the controls. Showing you the basics of controlling the boat and your movement and then moving on to the travel and the maps it is an extremely easy to follow tutorial.

The map allows you to set a way point to travel to, so you can either sail or fast travel to your destination. You’ll be able to set fish markers so when you catch a certain species of fish in the area you travel to you can mark it on the map with the relative species of fish. The new advanced weather system and beautiful water shader from trueSKY are brilliant, the water looks realistic and when you travel to an area to fish the new system uses realistic weather data for that area which makes the game that much better. Catching certain fish all depends on season weather and water temps. So, hunting your next catch is a little harder to come by sometimes.

With so many species of fish like swordfish, tuna, cod, haddock, Pollock, redfish, mackerel silver hake lobster and snow crab you’ll have plenty to do on the water learning what area the fish are in and what’s the best season to catch them are. You’ll have 25 different handcrafted boats from real life fishing industry licence partners to choose from as you progress through the game and earn your millions to get the bigger boat and the best gear. The better the boat and gear you have the more skilled fisherman you’ll become. The beautiful map of Nova Scotia Canada scales 200-300 km and offers you 6 real life ports to dock at and plenty of space to find all the fish you need. To catch your fish, I Nova Scotia you’ll need the right equipment to fish with and to know the different types of fishing like harpoon fishing, lobster fishing crabbing longline fishing and net and trawler fishing. I loved playing this game the immersion was brilliant I felt like I was actually fishing.


The graphics of Fishing, North Atlantic are beautiful, the water looks amazing with the new shader, and the weather changing as you enter a new area is amazing and you feel fully immersed in the game. The only part of the graphics I noticed that wasn’t the most realistic is when the fish in on top of the water sometimes the waves will be way under it and it will look like it’s floating but apart from that it’s brilliant.


If you have ever been on a boat or fishing, the sound of the waves crashing in to the boat and hitting the other boats as they sail past and sounds just like it would if you are sailing in the middle of the sea yourself.


The length of the game all depends on you and how much fishing you want to do. You can collect all the boats and get the best gear and still carry on making money as you sail and find different locations to fish. With the map being so big you will be run out of spots to fish and new spots to explore.



I took the tutorial option, so I could learn the basics having not played the previous game, but I didn’t find it hard it was easy to get the hang off the hardest part for me was hitting the fish with the harpoon I sat waiting for the fish to circle me and I must have thrown at least 60 harpoons before I managed to hit my first fish but then the line snaps. I eventually got my first fish and was able to catch around 4 more before going back to port to cash in and make my first bit of money. I was then left at the port ready to start my journey to becoming the fishing legend I have always wanted to be.

If you love fishing or just sailing, then Fishing, North Atlantic has both it’s beautiful to look at and easy to play. I couldn’t fault the game at all really it has got to be the best sea fishing game I have played, easy to pick up and get to grips with and fully immersive and can make time fly. Fishing, North Atlantic score an impressive Thumb Culture Gold Award.

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Developer: Misc Games
Publisher: Misc Games
Release Date: 16/10/2020
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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