FIRST – New Survival Game Announced By SurvGames

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FIRST, the new survival game has been announced by SurvGames.

FIRST is a survival simulator set in the world after a global apocalypse. The player and his dog travel through ruined cities, radioactive deserts and the ashes of the remains of civilisation. As the player progresses they will discover the story of the last days of human life on the planet. Face dangerous creatures that appeared after the environment died. Your four-legged companion will warn you of dangers, provide support, help search for resources, join in battles when necessary and more!

Details about this game are rather sparse at the moment, however, check out the announcement trailer below. The game will be running on the new Unreal Engine 5, so has the promise to be an absolutely stunning game, graphically.

Interesting concept to this game.

In the official press release SurvGame tell us:

Have you ever wondered what will happen to us once nature dies?

Well, this problem keeps me awake at night. My name is Waldek from SurvGames studio and I wanted to introduce you to our new game called FIRST. It’s a survival simulator with horror elements that aims to convince players that we can survive only by working alongside nature! But first, take a look at the apocalyptic trailer.

A terrifying vision, isn’t it? I did include some supernatural elements in my game, but its message remains relevant in the real world as well. In FIRST, players take on the role of the last man on Earth, who travels the world with his rescued dog to uncover the mystery of the end of the world. Who knows, maybe it is their duo that will help and restore mankind? The heroes will travel through many different locations, from radioactive wastelands to destroyed towns, and sometimes even will have to face the monstrous creatures that appeared on Earth. Screenshots below will tell even you more than words.

You can wishlist the game on Steam at the Steam page for this game here. Watch this space for more info on FIRST in the future!

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