Far Cry 6 Gameplay Now In The Wild

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Far Cry 6 gameplay is finally out in the wild, thanks to a Ubisoft worldwide gameplay reveal stream. I seriously can not wait for this game, I am a big fan of the Far Cry franchise and I believe they keep getting better. The fact we have Giancarlo Esposito playing as Anton Castillo in Far Cry 6 already gives me hope that this could be a great game.

In Far Cry 6, we play on the Caribbean island of Yara, which is said to be the largest map of any Far Cry game. Anton Castillo is our villain this time around. Can he be even worse than previous villains? such as Joseph “The Father” Seed, Pagan Min, or my favourite, Vaas Montenegro.

The gameplay looks fantastic, so far. You can fully customise your character this time around, Who is named “Dani”, and help the guerillas takedown Anton Castillo and his fascist regime. And more importantly, look how cute Chorizo the dog is!

Check out the below video where you can see the game in action. Are you going to check out Far Cry 6 when it launches on October 7th 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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