Edifier G2000 Gaming Speaker Review – Here Comes The BOOM

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Edifier International has announced its latest gaming speakers the Edifier G2000. I have to say they are a brand I have heard much about, but on researching, they have a lot to offer. Founded in 1996 they specialise in premium audio solutions, yet what seems on occasion non-premium prices. I can safely say I have never set up speakers this fast before, I was intrigued to find out exactly what the Edifier G2000 Speakers can deliver.

“Edifier® International, prominent designer and award-winning manufacturer of consumer audio electronics for both the lifestyle and multimedia markets”


Seen as though everyone these days loves what I would call and Instagrammable setup, let’s start with the design/look and feel of the Edifier G2000 Speakers. Each unit is only 2.75″ high, so they are extremely compact when it comes to a speaker. The housing of the speakers is an all-black matte plastic with a small amount of black shine around the speaker itself. I personally like quite a sleek set up and like it when manufacturers of hardware don’t plaster their logo’s across products in hideous colourways. Edifier has designed the G2000’s with their branding on the side and only the model number on the front. However, due to the housing colour you hardly notice this and the font fits the product

What a pair!

Admittedly, the shape of the speakers is not something I would usually go for. I usually always go for rectangular, However, having designed them in this hexangular shape allows for them to stay compact and have a slightly larger speaker. Thus, allowing them to look stylish wherever you put them in your gaming space. I currently have them on the same platform as my monitor but will be mounting them slightly higher for a better experience. For all of you RGB fans there are 2 sections on each speaker with 12 different lighting effects. The good news for all non RGB’ers is that the panels are the back so they are never in your face.

Edifier G2000 Logo

I always worry about the quality of audio products, sometimes they can pack a punch but feel flimsy. This is not the case with the Edifier G2000 Speakers. They are extremely solid units and have some good weight behind them for a compact speaker. In the box, you get the cables required including an AUX cable. All of the cables are premium quality. No standard flimsy speakers cables which again is great to see. Plus they do look a lot nicer!

Functionality And Audio

Firstly, let’s dive into the functionality that the Edifier G2000 Speakers bestow upon us. As they have delivered on the super sleek design, the feature buttons have to go somewhere. These are found on the side of the right-hand side speaker (unless you have set them up wrong). The first button is for input switch, Bluetooth disconnect and power on/standby. In the middle, there is a volume toggle and finally, there is a button just below which switches mode (Music, Game and Movie). You can also press and hold this button to change the LED lighting effects.

Functionality buttons

Secondly, let’s talk about the quality of audio the Edifier G2000’s deliver. I have absolutely put these speakers through testing. I have played various game types from FPS to MMO, Trawled through playlists of music from Metal to Motown and used multiple devices including testing the Bluetooth streaming.

So what exactly did I get from all this testing? The exact same result. A shocked face followed by a Grinch-like smile at how versatile and epically (yes that’s technical for epic) sounding this compact set of speakers are. The treble doesn’t have any noise using higher volume levels and the bass doesn’t distort the audio been played through them.

Laser etched detailing

The first game I tested out was Star Wars Squadrons, It can be quite audio intensive due to the loud lasers and fleet wars. However, the speakers held up and output some stunning sounds. I moved onto COD Modern Warfare, I figured this was a great test. A lot happening and an absolute barrage of noise from gunshots and explosions. The Edifier G2000 Speakers produced clean, undistorted sound effects.

Specifications for all you audio buffs can be found below:

  • Bass Unit – 2 3/4″
  • Power Output – 8w + 8w
  • Max Power – 16w +16w
  • Frequency Resp = 98Hz – 20Khs
  • Noise Level – ≤25dB(A)


For those who rely on speakers for audio, it goes without saying that they play a major part. Due to the G2000’s array of connectivity options, it pretty much has you covered. Meaning you can pick these up and use them on your PC/Laptop, give your console an audio boost and even connect via Bluetooth to your mobile device/tablet.

In terms of connectivity this is what the Edifier G2000 Speakers boast:

  • AUX Input
  • USB
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • Subwoofer output

As you can see it covers quite a range, so although these are labelled gaming speakers they can be used in most capacities.


Edifier for me, are an unknown brand. This could be ignorance, or just the fact that I haven’t come across them before. However, I would not think twice about purchasing their products again based on the G2000’s. Their integrity in design and build really is one thing, but then to put out products like this that are a low-end price point is another. I have tried a lot of speakers, some manufactured for professional audio and these Edifier G2000 Speakers outperform them. We are talking about speakers that cost a substantial amount more as well. So let us get to that all-important aware and judging on what you have read above, I think you know where this is going.

I award the Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers a Thumb Culture Platinum Award

Disclaimer: This was received in order to write this review.

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