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Dude, Where Is My Beer? An old-school point and click adventure game about finding a pilsner in the confusing world of unnecessary craft beers and snobby hipsters.

I got the thrills for the pils!

Dude, Where Is My Beer? Was released on Steam 4th November 2020 and holds a “Very positive” ranking in the Steam review section. Developed and published by Arik Zurabian. This is the first game listed on steam by the developer. Let’s check it out and see why it has held such a high ranking.


On first loading the game you are met with a small cut scene. You are dropped off in the town of Oslo by tour bus. You have a quick chat with the driver and decide to head off. Your quest is to head off to the pub for a pint. simple right? Wrong.

Welcome to Oslo

Things quickly take a turn for the worse when you can no longer order a simple beer. You are met with craft beers and IPAs flavoured with all kinds of weird and wonderful fruits, berries and anything else they can find!

You must solve a seemingly never-ending array of puzzles, your ultimate reward? PILSNER! Each step in the right direction leads to the next complex task that needs your attention.

The game itself gives very little to no clues throughout. Instead, it lets you stumble across any progression you have made. Each character has a selection of different conversation pathways for you to work through. Different bars and areas all have their own unique feel to them and each item needs to be interacted with or picked up. As you progress never know if you will get a story locked out of a section. Pick up everything! The further you progress the more areas that you can open and explore. The new areas provide newer information to better help you find your final location.

The only takeaway in town, a Vegan food truck. Obviously..

While the gameplay is relaxing and very enjoyable. There is a lot of thinking involved. On reading through some of the comments some people found this too much however I absolutely loved my time testing this game. It definitely got the brain cells shifting a bit quicker.

Graphics and Audio

Graphically the game looks and feels great for a point and click. While the animations aren’t in-depth they fit the gameplay and style perfectly. The games hand-drawn style artwork looks great and it all works well together as a package.

The music is to taste, but the beer isn’t.

The games audio however can be somewhat lacking. While main areas and bars have their own individual background music this tends to be a few minutes long and is looped indefinitely. Some of the various drinking animations each have their own audio cues, along with some of the interactable objects as well. In-game there are also options to alter the music and game volumes which did help with the background music for me personally once it was turned down a little.


Each person’s playthrough times will vary depending on both luck and previous experiences within this genre. After completing the main game I did go back and start chipping away at some of the 22 Steam achievements which do add some great replay value to the game which was no small task to complete anyway.

The trendiest, Hipster bar in Oslo

Final Thoughts

Having not spent a lot of time playing point and click adventure games like this previously, I was drawn in from the very beginning. It’s fun, entertaining and very challenging trying to figure it out. However, this brings with it a huge sense of self-pride upon completion. While there are only 22 achievements to push for some of these are no quick wins and require you to constantly think about your choices when aiming for a full card. Overall this is out of my usual go-to game style however I thoroughly enjoy the game and kept going back for more. At £11.39 I highly recommend picking up Dude, Where Is My Beer? and for that reason. I give it the Thumb Culture Gold Award.


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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