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While running the site here at Thumb Culture we have been lucky enough to get our hands on some great technology from some of the tippety top companies out there. From headphones to mice, we have sampled a very wide variety of hardware. In general you know kind of what to expect when something new comes onto the desk. Yes, there are different innovative technologies at work, but generally you know how to approach the review. Well, the innovative thinkers over at Drown may have just changed the headset/headphones game completely!

Introducing the Drown Tactile Earphones! How are they different, I hear you asking? Well, let me try and explain in the most simplest to understand way.

The Drown Tactile Earphones allow a higher level of precision when it comes to locating sounds relative to your position in a game.

It really is as simple as that. End of review.

Just joking!

Taken direct from the company website

Drown tactile earphones are a completely new audio platform. Our patented technology activates all three of your brain’s audio pathways, transforming ordinary sounds into the most realistic, immersive audio experience ever. Highs are higher, bass is deeper, and situational awareness is off the hook.

What this essentially means is that the physicists on the team have tweaked the audio that comes out of the earphones, and using some patent-pending technology they trigger all 3 of the audio pathways to your brain.

1 – Acoustic Waveguides – giving you much better sound quality.

2 – Nerve Stimulation – Help to allow you to perceive height, depth and distance

3 – Bone and Cartilage Conduction – Helps you to feel the sound in game.

All this technical jargon is all well and good, and on paper it does sound very impressive. However, what are they like to actually make use of?

Once you have found the right earplug for your size of ears, and you are in game, you really need to fire up a game that focuses on sound cues as a primary focus of the game. I started with Hunt: Showdown. Now if you have ever played Hunt, you know that there are a tonne of sounds in the game, and the game is heavily focused on listening and being aware of your surroundings.

Game loaded, earphones plugged in and I’m off. Unfortunately in this prototype unit I was sent there was no microphone, but in the final build, this will be included. Taking my first steps in-game I instantly heard my footsteps as I walked. Fine I thought, that’s quite impressive, but lets keep going. After playing for a couple of hours I was sold; the way that these earphones allow you to perceive audio is phenomenal.

However, the final selling point for me was when a fly or something buzzed past my head and I could it right next to my ear. I even shook my head to try and scare it off.

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