Diesel Brothers Truck Building Simulator PC Review – Look Mom, I’m A Mechanic

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I often watch the 5 min creative videos you see floating around on social media and I think to myself “yep, I could do that, seems totally easy to recreate” and decided to watch a few Diesel Brothers shows myself which again I was like ” looks hard, but I bet I could manage to build my own giant pink truck!”

Turns out I’m an absolute wet wipe at building anything other than a lego figurine.

Diesel Brothers Truck Building Simulator

Diesel Brothers; Truck Building Simulator  is brought to you by developers Code Horizon the same guys who brought us  games such as Gold Rush, It is published by both Code Horizon and PlayWay S.A The wonderful humans who blessed us with games such as house flipper and car mechanic simulator 


The game is based off the actual television show Diesel Brothers which I have often found myself watching and discussing the difficulty of actually doing the jobs, luckily for me I’ve been given the chance to be the car mechanic and starting by picking my character. You get four options from the boys:  Heavy D,  The Muscle, Red Beard and Diesel Dave. All of which have different perks of picking them. The aim of the game is to get more fans and more money!

You gain fans by fixing up cars, winning races, making money, creating your own truck to sell on and buying cheap from the scrapyard or online to fix peoples trucks up.

Diesel Brothers: Truck Building Simulator - Mega Ram Runner Garage

You start off in the garage, you’re told to go to the computer (I’m unsure why the computers look like ones from the 1990s but who am I to judge). You pick your job and you crack on with it, along with finding your jobs, you can also access the computer to look for parts to purchase, new jobs to take on, look at your fans and more!

You’ve got a truck to fix up now what? along the side of the garage, there are numerous tools you can use to take parts of the truck off to go either replace, sand off and repaint then fix back on or just take things off for the sake of it,  they start out pretty basic by just replacing tyres (even us girls can do that) and you achieve a higher standard by doing that, well done you’ve gained a fan or two and you’ll get some more business, that’s if you didn’t totally mess it up.

If you’re told you need an entirely new piece for the truck you can always store your recycled goods and put it on another truck when it comes in, just make sure you’ve repainted it to go with your client’s needs. Once you have managed to master completing other peoples trucks and you’re feeling confident enough you can look at buying your own. You could buy it from a shop and do it up or you could head over to the scrap yard and root around and do one on the cheap. Only issue is if you don’t have a lot of fame chance is you may not sell your truck  for a good enough price to ensure you’re doing the side jobs at the same time this will make it so you’re getting more recognition and you’re selling with profit otherwise you’re going to be wasting a hell of a lot of time.

Diesel Brothers: Truck Building Simulator - Junkyard Containers
One (wo)mans trash is another one’s treasure!

I found myself getting annoyed because I wasn’t getting enough fame and I wasn’t sure why that was as I was perfecting the jobs. Turns out you can pay for flyers, radio adverts, television adverts and truck giveaways (Next TC giveaway? keep checking our social media just in case!). The more fans you have the more cash you get meaning you can buy expansions for the garage which does help out, you can even sell people merchandise like glasses t-shirts and even tools (Although the word is it isn’t a patch on the Thumb Culture Merchandise)

I’ve built your truck I’ve sent it back, gained some fans and advertised my soul away! game over right?  Actually no, you’re now open to have a play with some trucks,  different tracks are available to test out your trucks so you can see if they’re any good. If you do offroad races, drag races you can gain some more fans and some more cash but you are like me you’re a terrible driver when racing you can opt to just drive around the free play area!


The graphics ran really smoothly during my play they seemed cartoonish but sharp, yet when I saw another online player come in the characters were almost 2d and it was hilarious to watch, as much as I think they should have stuck to the whole 3d game it was hilarious watching this weird character just go side to side like a crab.

Diesel Brothers: Truck Building Simulator - Engine Assembly


From drills to wheels dropping and radio, the audio seemed very well done. You have options to turn the radio off or pick a station and listen to the music on it. I prefer to work in silence as it often got pretty annoying after a while but not as annoying as finding out that after I did an auction the auctioneer would still be calling me when I’m in the garage, quit following me dude.


Numerous missions,  tracks to race on, trucks to build yourself piece by piece and the option of having friends or even making friends online are a huge bonus to making the game last a whole lot longer if you do enjoy it.  If you want to perfect the trucks, make them look that extra bit beasty the time is unlimitedly spared on it, unfortunately for me, this wasn’t the case and I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I could of.

Diesel Brothers; Truck Building Simulator  could very much be a game that people could spend a lot of time in and have a lot of fun, unfortunately I found it very confusing and frustrating with the number of keys and basic tutorials given, ensuring I spent more time looking up gameplay or watching streamers to try to learn a thing or two, I come across a few in particular who said that they initially had the same views as myself but they eventually enjoyed it. I would much rather enjoy a game from the beginning rather than be frustrated throughout the first few days of gameplay to eventually have a game which is average, I expected it to be better coming and based from television shows so I will be awarding it the Thumb Culture Bronze award!

Disclaimer: A review code was received in order to write this article.

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