Destiny 2 Witch Queen Reveal & Season Of The Lost

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Destiny will today reveal a ton of information about their 2022 Expansion for Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.

Bungie have promised a look at this expansion for the online shooter, The main antagonist to which is Savathun. The hive queen has played a considerable role in the last seasons however until now we haven’t seen her.

This being said in recent seasons we have slowly been shown it is a possibility that Savathun may be hiding in plain sight. Using her powers to control and thus influence events.

The Returning Mara Sov, with SUSIRUS (Osiris)

Which could certainly explain some of the events leading to Osiris, or Susirus as nicknamed by the D2 community. His actions resulting in the death of Lakshmi 2, and the factions leaving the tower.

Season 15 – The Season of The Lost follows on from the events and see’s the return of Mara Sov The Awoken Queen, who has been absent since leaving The Dreaming City with The Exo Stranger. This was 2 years ago and before the Darkness arrived.

With the disappearance of Mars, Mercury, Titan, and Io we recently received a communication from Mara. In this message, we learnt that she had used all the weapons at her disposal against the Black Fleet. This had no effect and the Darkness arrived. Mara then promised she would return to The Dreaming City, and was aware that Savathun would be waiting.

The reveal for The Witch Queen will be broadcast live on Twitch today and will likely be available on YouTube.

In preparation for the full reveal, Bungie gave us a final tease in the video below.  You can be part of the reveal of The Witch Queen via Twitch or Youtube with the links above.

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