Destiny 2: Lightfall – PS5 Review

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Destiny 2: Lightfall is an action shooter that takes place from a first-person perspective. Lightfall launched on 28th February on Xbox. PlayStation and PC. With Cross-Save it is possible to access your character in any format (although you will need the expansion for each format)

Eyes Up Guardian

A week has gone by since the launch of Lightfall. I wanted to leave a week to complete the campaign and have my own views, as there are lots of thoughts going around the community right now. With over 3300 hours of play in Destiny, It is safe to say I have seen a lot of changes since it launched in 2014. I have been extremely excited to see the launch of LightFall which marks Destiny 2’s 6th year.

Our guardian aboard their ship descends towards neptune
Neptune Incoming


Destiny 2 is a first person action shooter, that has taken us on a tour of the solar system whilst battling a host of enemies. We reviewed the previous expansion Witch Queen when it launched last year.

Lightfall is the penultimate expansion in the Light and Darkness saga which will end after the launch of The Final Shape scheduled for 2024. Each expansion lasts for 4 seasons during which the story continues to develop, leading up to a captivating finale. You play as a Guardian (a light-bearer) who serves the Vanguard as a protector. Tasked with protecting citizens of the Last City against forces of the Darkness including The Witness, The Shadow Cabal, Vex, and The Hive.

2 Guardians face to face as one of them attempts to master the power of strand,
Guardian in Training with Osiris beings to learn how to master Strand


The Awoken and Humans have always been unaware of Neptune’s existence in the Last City. It is only by the action of The Witness that it has been located. In order to discover the Veil and use it against our Traveller, the Witness immediately sent forces to the planet.

Neomuna is home to humans who are, however, frozen in cryosleep. It is defended by 2 warriors called Cloud Striders, who undergo cybernetic enhancements at great personal cost as they only live for ten years. When one dies they are honoured in the hall of heroes along with their memories, being stored in full. Someone is then taken from Cryosleep and then undergoes the same process so there is always a pair.

Neomuna is the place where you discover the new power you may have seen on TV ads or on social media. This power is called Strand, and it allows a guardian to interact with Neomuna’s atmosphere.

Osiris is with us along the journey as he tries to understand why, as Guardians we can’t use this power. We are going about it the same way as we did the light, and with Stasis we had to fight against it. “Perhaps Strand requires a different approach”?

Whilst this is happening Calus and his Shadow Legion are trying to capture the veil for the witness. It is the veil that has been behind the negative comments within the Destiny community. The veil just hasn’t been introduced properly, we are supposed to know what it is.. even the top Destiny Lore Master (MyNameIsByf) was stuck for an answer because it just doesn’t feature in any lore so far.

Emperor Calus gets a makeover thanks to the wintesss
More Bling than Mr T

Graphics & Audio

Lightfall just springs to life and is completely different from what we have been used to in previous expansions. We have taken a step away from the harsh snowy environment of Europa, or the damaged and abandoned buildings that are part of the EDZ and Cosmodrome. The bright Neon lights do a great job of giving that human element to the city. The green of Strand provides a great contrast and really pops against the environment.

I am playing this on PlayStation 5 and I have not experienced any screen tearing or flickering. I think the majority of us with this generation of consoles now have come to expect, which sadly means those games that do have problems are under increased scrutiny.

The Audio quality in Destiny has always been superb, I chose to play the majority of the game using the PS5 3D Audio Headset, as opposed to using the TV speakers and it makes a massive difference. I tend to forget about my headset especially when I am not in Party Chat.

A futuristic city of neomuna complete with clouds and neon lights. The Guardian holds his pulse rifle.
Neomuna with it’s neon lights. The visibility of Strand in the sky allows Guardians to swing through the air or Superman Punch enemies


I thought it best to first focus on the main campaign, this will be around 6-8 hours, this is largely based on your ability. There is a Legendary campaign for the fearless of Guardians, similar to the Halo Legendary it increases enemy stats and shields and lowers your overall light level to increase the difficulty that little bit more.

The bigger side to Destiny is the weekly story progression over the course of the season, which lasts 3 months. Yes, you will end up grinding out content, including raids, Crucible and Iron Banner. 4 major events during the year will each last for 2-3 weeks giving a new activity. These coincide with real-world holidays, for example, Christmas and Halloween.

Final Thoughts

Destiny 2: Lightfall is a fantastic expansion, but it has several plotholes that as of writing have yet to be explained. Thankfully we are early enough in the season that there is time for Bungie to fix this, but that means them listening to the community. The story is developing nicely towards the end of the Light and Darkness saga which will end with The Final Shape in 2024.

Despite the plotholes, I have really enjoyed the expansion and the introduction of Strand. The new dynamic in gameplay means raiding simply won’t be the same. I know I couldn’t now be restricted to simply Arc, Solar and Void. Bungie learnt from their mistakes in introducing Stasis and the rollout of Strand has been far superior.

For this Guardian, the positives outway the plot hole. It is, for this reason, I award Destiny 2: Lightfall the Thumb Culture Platinum Award


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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