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Demon Lord Reincarnation, developed by the talented team at Graverobber Foundation, is a role-playing game that brings the essence of darkness and intrigue to the forefront. Venturing into the eerie depths of this title with great anticipation. With a simple yet challenging premise, Den invites you to assemble a party of brave adventurers and embark on a perilous journey through treacherous dungeons. Prepare to face hordes of menacing monsters as you strive to defeat the fearsome Demon Lord that looms over the land.

Demon Lord Reincarnation shouldn’t have been resurrected

The depth of this dungeon isn’t that deep, with characters with no back story, some with names, others not. Battles you can run from without penalty and enemies that scale alongside your level, making it almost pointless to battle only enough level for the fixed battles. This reincarnation hasn’t quite gone to plan


Before doing anything in this game, make sure to read the manual; without this, you truly will feel lost: Not knowing how to navigate the maps, exactly how to battle, or any guidance on which characters to choose. We know dungeons might be dark, but you don’t have to go in blind.

Demon Lord Reincarnation is a turn-based RPG. Battles occur on a text-based system, allowing choices and smart use of character abilities. The combat is rather lackluster, with no real knowledge of what is happening. You are informed of how many enemies but not how much health they have or how to search for any weaknesses they might have. Furthermore, if you want to escape from a battle, you can, as you have a 100% escape rate; the only battles you must do are the few fixed ones. It is clear to know which one these are. If you escape and walk to the same area, you will get the same line of text much longer than the usual “Encounter” or “movement” you get for regular fights.

Slime and Goblin Creatures in a battle screen with text
Goblins and slime ewwww

Demon Lord Reincarnation offers diverse classes and unique skills, allowing experimentation with various playstyles. Nevertheless, there is no real point in trying to level your team to the strongest, only enough to defeat the fixed battle enemies. Unless your whole team dies, you can return to the top floor and get another teammate from the campfire. There are 20+ character types, and the guide will inform you of the stats; you can get the team you want by going through a reject or invite system. This is rather tedious and would have been simpler to supply a list as you can always choose regardless.

Some classes may seem more useful than others, you have an archer who can give a quick shot, but then you have the brawler who can also do this and has much more health. You then have a Dwarf and Executioner who are on par other than their dexterity and vitality a general, who is supposedly the strongest. Though are likely to “bully their allies” there appeared to be no evidence of friendly fire and very rarely will you engage in conversation with your team. Overall the guide will help you know the best characters for your playstyle, but some stats are so similar it almost become negligible.

Female Warrior looking character

Valhalla shall be upon us

Exploration plays a significant role in the game, with several environments to discover and explore. It is advisable to draw the map; this way, should you die, it will be simple enough to know how to get back to where you want to. You will not have to redo fixed battles again if you have defeated those enemies and can progress past them.

Graphics & Audio

Demon Lord Reincarnation offers a visual experience that captures the essence of classic RPGs. The dithered art style, reminiscent of a 90.s VHS tape, adds an eerie and haunting atmosphere to the game. Monochromatic art further enhances the overall aesthetic, immersing you in darkness and despair. As you navigate the gloomy corridors, the graphics create a delightfully dreary ambiance that keeps you on edge. The audio certainly transports you into the depths of the demon-infested maze, heightening the intensity of each encounter. While the encounters themselves aren’t especially thrilling there is a sort of 8-bit rock music and a small glitch noise each time you hit the enemy or they hit you; there isn’t much more to it.


Demon Lord Reincarnation is not a game for the faint of heart. It challenges you to understand its systems and mechanics to conquer the task fully. As you progress, your characters grow stronger through battle experience, gaining extra stat points that make them more formidable. With each victory, the odds become greater, offering greater rewards. The game rewards your perseverance and adaptability, creating a sense of accomplishment as you overcome daunting challenges.

Final Thoughts

Demon Lord Reincarnation is a game that pays homage to the classic first-person dungeon crawlers and adds its unique flair. The absence of auto-mapping forces you to rely on your navigation skills, creating a sense of immersion and exploration. The game’s unforgiving nature and atmospheric soundtrack set the stage for a thrilling and captivating adventure.   Demon Lord Reincarnation is poised in the right direction. But feels like it took a wrong turn in its maze; it couldn’t find the way out.

I award Demon Lord Reincarnation a Thumb Culture Silver Award


Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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