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Ever wanted to go deep space and do some mining? Well thanks to the development team at Ghost Ship Games & publishers Coffee Stain Publishing, you can with Deep Rock Galactic!

Let’s Dive Right In!

This cooperative, first person shooter which was released in May 13th 2020 is currently available for £24.99/$29.99 on steam.


You and your friends will get to pick from four classes (Scout, Engineer, Driller and Gunner) of dwarves to embark on a good variety of missions, each offering their own strengths and weakness to the team. For example, the Gunner can lay down heavy fire with his Gatling gun and help you traverse large gaps with a zip line. Prefer to play solo? You can bring the trusty bot companion Bosco on the mission to help you out. He will dig up minerals and ores as well as attack on coming enemies with his trusty machine gun and missiles.

Bosco hard at work help me out with reach the Nitra ore
He sure is handy.

Each mission will create a randomly generated map for you to explore and mine through, these missions can range from an egg hunt (where you will have to dig into several nests), and escort will have your team guard a large mining drill named Dotty to a giant crystal where you will fight off hordes of bugs. You can play these mission with different challenges and increase the hazard level (A.K.A The Difficulty) up to five. Still not hard enough? You and your team can try taking on the Deep Dives. These are a set of three missions one after another.

After you complete these missions you may find your dwarf a bit parched. No need to worry, the space station’s Abyss Bar will help you out, before each mission a special brew will be there to buff your melee damage or provide you with more health. Or why not prank some of you friends with one of the 13 comedic drinks such as Flintlocke’s Delight (one of my favourites). You can customize each of your dwarves with a large selection of cosmetics from hats, armour, colour palettes and most importantly, their beards! You can obtain over-clocks for your weapons which can come in three variants; clean, balanced and unstable. These offer you different benefits to each weapon for example higher rate of fire, but less damage output giving you more options to fit your play style.

The weapons upgrade menu with showing the over clock i currently have installed
Clean & simple menu.

Graphics & Audio

As you explore dark caves the lighting from glowing crystals really help as the basic head lamp does not provide much light. The Azure Weald biome is a real treat for the eyes with its bioluminescent fungi and creatures. Each enemy is given a distinct look which helps the player identify and plan against what threat is coming, be it the fly pink bulb on a Warden or red carapace on a Glyphid Acid Spitter.

Glowing crystals helping me navigate the dark caves.
Look, natural glowsticks!

The sound cues are helpful when you need to keep an eye out for Cave Leeches up on the ceiling or when a Nemesis machine might be just around the corner ready to jump you and your squad. And if you listen closely, you may hear beeping indicating if you are close to a loot crate containing all sorts of goodies.


Each standard mission can take up to 15 – 30 minutes to finish with deep dives taking approximately 2 hours, but you can easily sink hundreds of hours into this game. There is a lot of re-playability with weekly assignments as well as seasonal content, events and collecting the weapon over-clocks, and when you have cleared all your tasks you can easily find a match to join to help out others with their tasks.

Final Thoughts

 I have never felt bored while playing Deep Rock Galactic as I was always had an assignment to do, be it for some new skins or to promote my dwarves, or simply helping other players doing their assignments. I can not wait to see what Ghost Ship Games brings us next. Be it for players who prefer to play solo or with friends this game tailors to all and most importantly don’t forget to Rock & Stones! Deep Rock Galactic receives the Thumb Culture Gold Award

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