DEATHLOOP: Explained Video – Break The Time Loop!

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DEATHLOOP is basically Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow… But in a video game. In DEATHLOOP you are an assassin trapped in a time loop. In the below video, Game Director Dinga Bakaba of Arkane Lyon (Dishonored, Prey – 2017) tells us more about the incoming game.

DEATHLOOP’s gameplay sees you hunting down 8 targets known as the visionaries. Each time you restart the loop you need to remember what happened in the previous to help you progress each day. Actually reminds me a bit of the movie “Boss Level”.

The game is a console exclusive to PS5 but is also coming to PC. The gameplay itself looks absolutely insane, a fast-paced shooter with puzzles all whilst met with top-level next-gen graphics.

Bethesda Softworks UK tell us more about Deathloop in the video description:

“What is Deathloop? Arkane Lyon’s own Dinga Bakaba sheds light on the mysteries of Blackreef and how to break the loop in DEATHLOOP: Explained.

There are a lot of mysteries to solve in DEATHLOOP. What caused the time loop? Who are the Visionaries? Why does everyone on Blackreef seem to have amnesia? Who is Julianna and why is she hunting Colt? Why is everyone on the island wearing masks? How can Colt break the loop and escape the island?

We seek to answer some of these questions with help from Game Director Dinga Bakaba. Welcome to DEATHLOOP: Explained!

Check out the DEATHLOOP: Explained video below.

Will you be checking DEATHLOOP out on Ps5 or PC? Let us know in the comments. You can watch a gameplay trailer below.

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