Death Stranding Coming To Game Pass for PC

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Hideo Kojima’s critically-acclaimed Death Stranding is coming to the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

A Strand is a part of a rope or bond

The near future has seen a series of mysterious explosions set off a series of supernatural events called Death Strandings. Sam Porter Bridges is confronted with otherworldly creatures that plague the landscape, and a mass extinction is imminent. It’s up to Sam Porter Bridges to travel across the ravaged wasteland and avoid humanity’s doom

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What Is Death Stranding

Experience the remnants of a devastated America plagued by a series of supernatural phenomena referred to as the Death Stranding, starring renowned actor Norman Reedus. Travel west to find those left after humanity has come close to extinction. The Microsoft community can now experience Death Stranding for the first time, a story of perseverance woven through an emotional adventure.

Through the unique Social Strand System, you can connect with people all over the world. Make use of your hard-earned resources to enhance your surroundings and other players’ worlds. Build highways, zip lines, safehouses, and other structures strategically to make the terrain more navigable and earn community likes. Liking structures created by players in your own world promotes unity.

PC Game Pass owners will be able to travel west from 23rd August 2022.

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