Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator First Play – EGX 2018

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Getting to grips with Deadstick at EGX was a great joy!

Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator to give it it’s full title, developed by REMEX Software, headed up by private pilot Chris Cheetham, gives us a different take on the flight sim genre. Having spoke to him on the stand whilst being walked through the controls, you gain an insight into why he wanted to bring this game to life. He wanted to bring a sim that focused more on the low and slow flying, but at the same time appealing to anyone who picked up the controller or flight stick.

At first Deadstick could be confused as just a standard flight sim, but scratch away at the surface and it turns into a deep game where you are tasked with growing your own flying company by delivering products in many and various forms.

So sitting down in the flight chair, I had a flight stick and throttle control in front of me. I walked up to the plane, opening the doors and climbed aboard. Once in, flicking a couple of switches and my front rotor is spinning, holding the trigger on the flight stick activated the brake. Pushing forward on the throttle to get myself out of the hangar and onto the runway, I lined the plane up and hit that full power. Off we went into the cloudy sky without a care in the world. Just flying around was great fun, banking and turning with ease.

It was during this time that Chris started telling us the depth of the game, being able to balance your popularity level as well as your money. Being able to take on slightly dodgy midnight runs delivering products to different airports will increase your money massively, but your popularity will obviously drop as you become more known for the shady side of things.

Once we had flown around for a little while Chris then turned on a debug menu showing how the wind affects your ability to fly in a straight line. Being buffered around when you are flying up a mountain was great fun, dipping and diving all over. The turbulence engine used has been meticulously designed and in action was what I would imagine actually flying in bad weather would be like.

Then onto your actual plane, you have to look after it. All damage taken will effect how the plane handles, so its within your best interest to keep it in good condition. Upgrading parts also adds to the game, being able to upgrade your planes engine or rotors will all give it a positive effect on the stability in the air. Weigh it down too much with product however and you might find that you are struggling to keep the plane in the air.

Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator will be available in Late 2018 in Early Access on steam!

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