Crossout Players Prepare for a New War with the Ravagers

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Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announce that the new major Content Update “Guiding Star” is available for the post-apocalyptic online vehicular action game Crossout. Players will participate in the new battle pass season to get new unique parts and will destroy the Ravagers base in a new massive PvE battle. Other updates include the renovated “Ship Graveyard” map, as well as jump pads, fire and plasma rings objects for the testing range mode.

New Battle Pass Season brings lots of unique vehicle building options

Members of the Fallen Star Order arrived in the Wastelands and are willing to help all factions prepare for the war with the common enemy – the Ravagers. Any player can participate in the arms race by unlocking battle pass rewards that include new unique vehicle parts and weapons. For example, the course shotgun “Gremlin” deals more damage after colliding with an enemy, the frontal “M-32 Vindicator” machine gun becomes more durable when heated up and an  “Aggressor” cabin buffs weapons damage when the vehicle is rushing towards the enemy in a straight line.

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Freshly upgraded or built from scratch vehicles can be instantly used in the new PvE mission called Operation “Gozu”. Players enter the new map “Desolated town” created specifically for this event, destroy the Ravager tower, break into enemy territory to upload the Syndicate virus to the data center, and destroy the Ravager leader. All these tasks can be performed in a stealthy way with the player avoiding surveillance cameras and patrol vehicles, or via direct assault on enemy troops and all reinforcements they manage to muster.

The Update also brings other game objects and mechanics. For example, mixing cosmetic items will allow the players to get rid of unnecessary decor, and in return get useful consumables or extremely rare cosmetics. The full list of new features of the “Guiding Star” Update is available on the official website.

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