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Today we sit back and snack on the goodies of Cookie Clicker. Developed by Orteil and DashNet, Published by Playsaurus. Cookie Clicker is an idle game about making cookies! Originally released in 2013 on the web, and actively developed since then. This is the official version for Steam and released on 1st September 2021.

Cookie Clicker – Let’s Check Out which way the Cookie Crumbles!

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Just me and Grandma


The gameplay goals are relatively simple. More cookies…make more cookies! You start with an empty glass and no milk or cookies. Each click gives you a cookie, a process I wish was true of real life. Eventually, you will click your way to your first upgraded idle clicker. The more cookies you can stock up on the more upgrades you can purchase from the store. Before you know it, you will have ascended that solum 1 cookie per click to farms, baking you thousands if not millions within a reasonably short amount of time. You can also invest your cookies into power-ups. Such as your cookie farm becoming twice as effective or an increased percentage per click.

As you continue to build your cookie balance you can buy more and more upgrades increasing your idle cookies per second. Once you eventually get to the next available balance milestone you will unlock the next upgradeable. Some of the earlier upgrades consist of; Grandma, Farm, Mine, and factory. The rest, you will have to find out for yourself.

There is also a Legacy section where you will be set a goal, the first being to bake a trillion cookies. Once you have hit this milestone you can then prestige. This will set you back to the very start of your journey but with powerful and permanent boosters to aid you. While playing make sure to keep an eye out for the golden cookies! Once activated these provide a powerful temporary boost such as a frenzy mode doubling your cookie production, or maybe you will receive a large injection of extra cookies to top up your balance.

There are also Sugar lumps. This is shown next to your cookie balance and takes a very long time to build/ mature. Once you have collected your sugar lump you can use this to level up your upgrades. Level 0 grants +0% CPS and each level after grants an increase to your CPS.

And on his farm he had some cookies….. wait what?

Graphics and Audio

Graphically the game isn’t very intense. It is, however very pleasing.  There are a number of small animations such as the moving background and the movement of the milk in the glass which keep your attention well however arent too distracting at the same time. The audio was very nice. The in-game music is soothing and relaxing while little audio cues keep you aware of what is happening. There are also a lot of customisation options available in-game to tailor the experience to your own requirements.

Imagine a world where you own 48 Billion cookies… what a great world it would be


The Longevity of the game could be somewhat questionable. While it is not likely to be a game that you will be itching to play daily. It is a great game for relaxing or multitasking. If you enjoy a challenge there is over 600+ Upgrades and over 500+ achievements to work towards.

A few Achievements to get through

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Cookie Clicker. I found it peaceful and relaxing at night but also laid back enough to play while watching TV/ YouTube. I’ve also heard that it could be a great option for those long meetings at work if you’re still working from home. For these reasons, I award Cookie Clicker the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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