Call Of The Sea Special Boxed Editions

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Meridiem Games is thrilled to announce that two Call Of The Sea special boxed editions are now available for PlayStation. The Journey Edition for PS5  and the Norah Diary Edition for PS4 and PS5.

Limited Run With Exclusive In Box Content

Developed by Out Of The Blue and published by Raw Fury the limited special editions are now available with exclusive in box content including special artwork and the score on vinyl.

Call Of The Sea is set in 1934 and follows Norah as she crosses the South Pacific in search of her missing husbands expedition. She finds herself on an island that is a lush paradise but what secrets does it hold? What will Norah find as she searches for the truth? Clues left by a previous expedition are her guide.

Norah’s Diary Edition for PS4 and PS5 will include an art poster, a travel ticket, a special premium case, a concept art book and two photographs. The limited run Journey Edition, which is having only 1000 units available across Europe, includes all the content of Norah’s Diary. Plus the original score on collectors coloured vinyl, a hardcover artbook with over 130 pages and 3 lithographs with original artwork all displayed in a branded box.

Available Now

If you like your mysterious puzzle games to have a beautiful backdrop, charming heroine and to come with some exclusive content. Then these limited Call Of The Sea special boxed editions should not be missed.

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