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So we just sat and watched the latest reveal for Sledgehammer’s newest game and it did not disappoint.

The trailer shows off a gritty and visceral experience and as usual there are plenty of Hollywood moments and set pieces. It starts off familiar with the beach landing at Normandy and then we get a glimpse of other areas, from the fields of northern France to a woodland environment.  This game looks the part but will it play the part.

Sledgehammer have brought in a historian to tell the story of ‘Red’ Daniels and you are playing through his eyes. It promises to be epic and with the game being based in ’44-’45 you will experience great moments in the war.

From what we see the game will play on your fear levels and with no regenerative health you want to keep yourself alive. Take some shots and you will have to find your medic to get health, run out of bullets and you will have to get a clip from a teammate. It is these relationships which the game will focus on.

With no defined bad guy you are solely taking on war and experiencing the relationship with war. The game has the potential to be fantastic and hopefully with the boots of the ground mentality of sledgehammer I think they will pull it off.


We found out some details about basic game modes and it all sounds great in principal. However, until it gets confirmed that the game uses pure dedicated servers I’m going to hold judgement.


A new story with a scary story. The third Reich attempts to create an army to win and we were given the glimpse of what could quite possibly be a new zombie mode which we have to admit the image gave me goosebumps. It looked horrifying!

Now whilst we are excited to see this new direction the game is going i am also a bit nervous as the franchise has already been to WWII and it wasn’t my favourite game to play. Stuart spent the most time playing the zombie mode as opposed to the main story. I am willing to have an open mind and follow the game through its progress and updates. By the sounds of it there will be a big update on the game coming at E3.

Well, for now, I will leave you with these basic pieces of information and when there are more details we shall cover them and deliver them to your eyes. Take care and stay tuned to Thumb Culture

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