Best Forklift Operator presents VR mode in a new trailer

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Best Forklift Operator presents VR mode in a new trailer. Gamedust, the publisher of the game Best Forklift Operator, presents a trailer that allows you to look at how the game works in Virtual Reality.

Forklift Goodness

Best Forklift Operator can be completed entirely in standard mode (mouse + keyboard, or gamepad), or in VR. This allows you to experience exciting work in warehouses with unprecedented immersion.

Best Forklift Operator allows you to become the operator of the forklift. An everyday unnoticed cog that turns out to be crucial in a world’s long supply chain. Every day, forklifts and their operators move hundreds of thousands of tons of goods around the world, ensuring smooth operations in factories, ports, and warehouses.
To better show what forklift driving in VR looks like, the latest trailer has been prepared. It gives a substitute for what awaits you after purchasing the full game.

A Forklift Drivers Reality

Listed below are just some of the features that you can get to enjoy first hand in Best Forklift Operator

  • Exactly the same content is available in flat-screen and VR mode; – Detailed training mode thanks to which player can master the art of forklift operation;
  • Engaging career mode;
  • Jolly arcade mode that lets you relax after a hard day’s work; – Leaderboards that allow you to face players from all over the world.

Best Forklift Operator will debut in Early Access on Steam in 2022 (it will be possible to start the game in VR mode in Early Access). More information can be found on the game’s Steam page.

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