Battle Royale The Culling: Origins Returns To Xbox One

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Xaviant has announced the return of on the earliest battle royale survival games, The Culling: Origins. It is now available on Xbox one as of the 14th of May. The title will be available to purchase on the Xbox store however you can get a 1-day free trial before payment. Furthermore, anyone who downloaded the game whilst it was in free today play will be able to play without an additional purchase.

Director of Operations Josh Van Veld said:

“The Culling is one of the pioneers of the Battle Royale genre and even today it stands alone as a unique up-close-and-personal combat experience,”

However, Josh has also confirmed that they are looking to bring this title to PC. In the meantime check out the below list of updates.

  • Xbox One graphical quality improved dramatically, rendering at 30% higher resolution with the addition of anti-aliasing and an improved framerate
  • A.I. behavior has been overhauled to provide a much more compelling and challenging offline experience
  • Player stamina system has been tweaked – reducing the time it takes for stamina to fully regenerate
  • The game no longer includes premium items or charges for crates. Players can level up, earn crates, and unlock airdrops through offline play.
  • In order to keep the game alive indefinitely. A great deal of effort has been spent streamlining backend systems to reduce costs and improve efficiency

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