Batora: Lost Haven Signed to Team17’s Indie Games Label

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Batora: Lost Haven alpha coming soon

Stormind Games, the Italian studio behind Remothered, has partnered with Team 17 to launch their upcoming Action RPG, Batora: Lost Haven, on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch in 2022!

Batora: Lost Haven brings a fresh new take on an RPG with a deep, branching narrative & beautiful retro sci-fi art style as well as a unique ‘Nature Switch’ mechanic where players must balance mental and physical powers to overcome the hostile environments as the story unfolds.

Batora: Lost Haven key features:

  • Deep, branching narrative: Unravel an interplanetary journey as the only person who can save Earth from its impending oblivion
  • Unique ‘Nature Switch’ mechanic: Balance mental and physical powers to overcome the hostile environments and enemies as the story unfolds
  • Reactive, non-linear storytelling: Your choices will change the fate of the universe and of the creatures that inhabit it. Will you be a Conqueror or Defender?
  • Beautiful retro sci-fi art style: Enjoy colourful and fascinating planets and hand-painted visuals inspired by the retro science fiction art styles of the 1950s

But don’t take our word for it – sign up for the PC Alpha launching 21st July here

We will leave the trailer down below. Is this on your radar? Be sure to leave your comments down below and let us know how you feel about this one.

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